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Redeem from death is a amongst the Pastor Bill Winston 2021 sermons. This message is in episodes. The available episode one and two are perfection through Christ and beyond the natural. Christ is our redemption and we must tell all our worlds about it.

There was a time the earth and it’s inhabitant lies in death due to the wickedness of men. This statement does not imply that wickedness is not now, it has increased more. Redemption was not possible if man did not fall at first. Redemption is a rescue plan of God to see that man comes back to him to make covenant with Him and live according to His pleasure.

redeem from death by Bill Winston

This is the reason Jesus came and fulfills the heartbeat of the Father. He died and rose again, thereby fulfilling the claims of divine justice for us. So redeemed from death is a duty Jesus did for us when could not afford to rescue ourselves from the power of death. This is why we are indebted to Christ and must continue to obey and live out His life because He became our life when He redeemed us from death.

Audio Sermon: Redeem From Death by Pastor Bill Winston sermon

Redeem from death happened beyond the natural. This was a supernatural warfare Jesus deed for us by redeeming us from the power of death, grave, principalities and power. Listen to this audio sermon by Apostle Arome Osayi : victory through faith to know the things Christ had victory over in order to redeem us.

Redeem from death is a life giving strategy by God to perfect us in Him through Christ our mediator. One way to get perfection is by living the life of Christ, which you can get from the studying of the bible effectively. When Christ redeemed us, He helps our infirmities so that we can attain perfect in God through His righteousness.

There are a lot to say about this topic but I think you can get more from Pastor Bill Winston. Click below to download the audio sermon perfection through Christ and beyond the natural by Pastor Bill Winston

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Episode two: download beyond the natural

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