Roar by Apostle Mike Orokpo

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Roar is one the messages of Apostle Mike Orokpo that Christians should take  Time to digest. We have many people who make notice without content.  You can not listen to this message Roar and remain as baby Christian. Making a voice like a lion is a matter of bravery. Do you have all it takes to shout aloud like a lion. Stretis an evidence that you can stand and be heard in your genearation.

Roar by Apostle Mike Orokpo

ROAR by apostle Mike Orokpo mp3

Apostle Mike Orokpo has shaken the body of believers with this powerful message. The Lion of tribe of Judah has obtained our victory on the cross. So the deveil is moving around roaring like a lion seeking for who to destroy. The devil moves around to kill, destroy and steal. So carefulness must be the watchful word of the season of you are concious of heaven.

There are things not communicating with words, Roar by Apostle Mike Orokpo isione of them. The link to download this audio is below. Click on the link to start now.

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