Spiritual growth by Apostle Johnson Suleman

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Spiritual Growth is inevitable to anyone who wants to advance forward in Christian journey. The bible says something: so long as the heir is child, differs not than a servant, even though he has the whole estate. He is subject to tutors until he comes up to age. Spiritual growth is the act of improving or changing from the stage of infancy to maturity.

A Christian is meant to grow spiritually.  spiritual immaturity is not allowed; this is because, if you remain an infant, there are some secrets of the kingdom that will not be released to you. There are some kingdom responsibilities that can not reach you because you are not mature to handle it.

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Spiritual growth is a steady and continuous process. You must be deliberate, consistent and diligent to it when you decide to grow.  It is God’s heart beat or pleasure to see us grow. Spiritual Growth by Apostle Johnson Suleman will give you a clear shot to making this journey. do not be lazy about your spiritual growth. Do not remain an infant everyday, you may be vulnerable to fall  if you remain an infant in the faith. study the bible and pray always and apply the word of GOD to your life.

How to Effectively grow Spiritually

Many people are confused when it comes to matter of Spiritual growth. They are always lazy about it. There is price to pay to grow spiritually. The level of your spiritual growth is dependent on how well you are committed to doing the following:

Spiritual growth by Apostle Johnson Suleman

  1. Personal Bible study and reading: the bible is a spiritual manual to know God and the life style of Jesus. Having the revelation or experience of Jesus will not make you grow spiritually. This is just an encounter which should draw you close to GOD through your bible. If you want to grow, you must study your bible so as to feed your spiritual man. you need to desire the sincere milk of God’s word. The bible says that faith comes by hearing the word and by hearing the word of GOD. You faith can not grow until you get to study your bible. Studying the bible and applying it to your life, helps build you and establish your faith on the rock which is Jesus.
  2. Prayer and fasting: Prayer is a non negotiable requirement when it comes to the matter of spiritual growth. In Luke 18:1 says that men ought always to pray and not to faint. In the book of Acts of the apostle, it was noticed that the two things that Christian consistently do to grow in God was the word and prayer.  prayer is the life line or wire of anything. Jesus even as the son of God prayed.  Through prayer the word of God over your life that is settled in heaven is brought to Earth to manifest. what can you say without prayer. Prayer is the only communication mode through which God hears your need. In spiritual Growth, prayer helps you grow in authority over powers and it is the way to unlock the potentials of that God has locked up in your spirit man. When you pray, you will not fall into temptation and the power of sin will be far from you. prayer is a way of overcoming the temptations of the flesh.

Spiritual Growth By Apostle Johnson Suleman mp3

Things about Spiritual growth can not be exhausted. Since it is gradual process, the holy Spirit is there to give you more direction on how to grow spiritually. The major requirement is obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual growth by Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman is a powerful spiritual guide to help you grow. click on  the link to download the following audio files.

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