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Spiritual pattern is repeated cycles that one experiences in life which exist an inheritance in a family lineage. It causes delay in life and dangerous to both spiritual and physical life. There are many people who does not believe the reality of foundation alters. There are existences of spiritual pattern recorded in the scriptures.

Checking through the linage of Isaac to Jacob, you will notice repeated pattern. Some are concerning barrenness or curses. What spiritual patterns could result to damage implication to one’s future and career?    Have you seen some people passing through an experiences or suffering sickness that someone in their blood line suffered?  This is an omen and needs to be addressed. it could cause stagnation in life pursuit.

How to do we deal with spiritual pattern? They can be dealt with in the place of prayer. Jesus has delivered us from the curses of the law and on mount Zion deliverance has been granted to us. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus from the death, He wiped all written codes that were imputed against us.


Apostle Joshua Selman messages at Ghana conference with Duncan Williams- Spiritual Pattern


Therefore, in Christ Jesus, deliverance has been granted.  Another way of dealing with spiritual patterns is having the knowledge of what Christ has done for us. We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. Apostle Joshua Selman messages on spiritual pattern revealed many thing and prayers were made to end such ugly experiences.

Apostle Joshua Selman with Duncan Williams at this Ghana conference. There are many things that you will be surprised to hear some things from this message which is might be partnering to your case.    Click below to start download this message for free.


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