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Spiritual timing is seasons and times that work according to the process of time of life as designed by God from eternity past to manifest in eternity now. There is time apportion for the manifestation of the creation which is man. Those times are spiritually placed by God or demons to find expression on the face of the Earth. You can download the mystery of spirit realm by Apostle Joshua Selman for more details.

Time is a spiritual asset that governs the activities of finite Earth; so if you lose time, you have not many spiritual realities on earth. There are types of spiritual timing recorded in the bible. We have chronus and kairos times. Chronus times are normal clock time that keeps record of events while kairos times are short season or opportunities that could come one’s way.

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Maximizing spiritual seasons and habit by Apostle Michael Orokpo will be of great help to explore more on spiritual timing. There is time and seasons for every event that occurs on Earth realm. Some spiritual timing are Godly while others are not. God reveals His plans based on the times He has apportioned for the manifestation that purpose.

The bible says that God will arise and favor Zion, for the time, the set time to favor her has come. Checking on this scripture, you discover that there is an appointed time by God to achieve his purpose of releasing favor to Zion. You can download and listen to for an appointed time by Pastor Paul Enenche. Spiritual timing is the season for the manifestation of spiritual realities on Earth.

Apostle Selman messages or sermons are full of realities and revelations. You can download many koinonia 2021 messages on this page too.  You can click to download the audio sermon below.

Apostle Joshua Selman- spiritual timing

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