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Download Spiritual Warfare By Apostle Johnson Suleman Mp3

Mp3 download Apostle Johnson Suleman Bible study on Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is a battle everyone Christian must engage on when he or she comes to Christ. The first Adam lost all things during the fall in the Garden of Eden. Now, when the person comes to Christ, those things that man lost in the beginning are restored through Christ and in Christ. 

This is enough to tell you that the enemy will not be at rest.  The bible reminds us that we were once darkness and now redeemed in Christ to bear the light of Christ. Spiritual warfare is real, that is why the bible says that we wrestle not against fresh and blood but principalities, powers, wickedness in high places and other.

The reason for spiritual warfare is that the devil wants to win back to himself. So since Christ has obtain victory for us through the cross by His blood, we therefore engage in spiritual warfare from victory of Christ and in Christ. Christians do not fight for victory but fight spiritual warfare from victory.  (Download the reasons for battles by Apostle Johnson Suleman).

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Audio teaching on Spiritual Warfare By Apostle Johnson Suleman


Apostle Paul told fought the good fight of faith and also advised Timothy same. There are things that war against our soul and sometimes those sins entangles our souls, it takes a dimension of warfare to break lose. Read this article on how to break from addictions. Also, in spiritual warfare, consecration is important because if you lose your consecration, you cannot win the battles of warfare.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Tuesday bible study on spiritual warfare was a mind blowing service. The life we live is full of battles, every side of life requires warfare and must not be joked with. All Christians are soldiers of the lord and should not entangle themselves with civilian matters.

Do you want to download spiritual warfare by Apostle Johnson Suleman? Click the link below to start now.


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