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What is Stewardship? Archbishop Duncan Williams sermon free mp3

Stewardship is the Greek translated word- OILKONOMIA. Stewardship from its Greek translation means ‘administration’ or ‘to manage’. This could be either in a household, business, family or even in God’s work. This is a leadership term. A Steward is a servant with several commitments. There are several qualities expected of a leader such as integrity and a disciplined attitude.

Stewardship by Archbishop Duncan Williams is a powerful exposition or teaching on how we are meant to serve and also implement the purposes of God in our leadership sphere. Are you a Pastor, Political Leader – a custodian of any office at all, you were elected or nominated to serve and not to impose unrighteous laws on the people.

Download Audio sermon: Stewardship by Archbishop Duncan Williams

Many things have gone wrong in leadership because people do not understand the underlying principles of leadership. We are Stewards of the Lord says Archbishop Duncan Williams.  As a principle for stewardship, you are expected to serve in humility; having a heart of submission, sometimes even to the led. This is because sometimes direction may come from the led and not being humble enough can make one miss out.

Stewardship is a state in leadership; this is because not all leaders are stewards. There are many things to say about this topic. Learn more about serving in God’s way by downloading stewardship by Archbishop Duncan Williams below.

-Archbishop Duncan Williams


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