Territorial warriors

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Territorial warriors are trained armies of God. God has many functionaries that carry out His work here on Earth. Have you heard of the armies of God according to Prophet Amos? Do you know that God train His people for war? Spiritual battles are real on this realm of mortality.  Do you desire to be a territorial warrior?  then download this sermon of Apostle Mike : The Way Of Gate Keepers

There different functionaries God uses in, we have the guardians, menders, watchers, gate keepers, armies and warriors. The number continues as long the work of the ministry exists. The Bible talked on the kind of war we Christians are engaged in, the type that is against spiritual wickedness in high places and rulers of darkness.

There are the operations in the territorial scope which  take giants in the spirit who has understood the working power of God and more revelation in the body to fight this kind of operational spirits. Territorial warriors are raised by God for territorial operations. These men are seekers of God. Learn more about the Spiritual realm and engage the supernatural by Apostle Joshua Selman here

Being territorial warriors, you do not need to loose guard your safety in God.  You must put on the whole amour of God on you.  This sermon is far better to listen. Click below to download the audio below;

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