The Anointing By Apostle Joshua Selman

Download The Anointing By Apostle Joshua Selman

Download The Anointing By Apostle Joshua Selman

The Anointing by Apostle Joshua Selman is a ministration at pasture of life Christian Assembly, at Delta state, NG. Many people ask question like what is the Anointing of god in your life? How did you get the anointed? God please give me anointing. These things are great. The issue is not the Anointing but sustainability of it when the grace of God abides on you.

The bible says something that the anointing which you have received will teach you. The world of anointing is an world of civilization. If you don’t know how to use and sustain the Anointing of God in your life, one thing is sure, it can destroy you. This topic is a vital one anyone in ministry. Where everyone wants to build a ministry, claiming to have been called of God.

Anointing is a powerful tool for service empowerment. Anointing is like giving you clearance in the spirit over a measure of God’s grace so as to operate. Also, it’s an endorsement for service and consecration to service. There is an Anointing of teaching, healing, service, deliverance. It’s god that apportions it to men.

For there to be any measure of the Anointing, there must be a sacrifice to render to God. What do I mean here? There is always a price. It could be years of obedience to God in service, commitment to prayer and Bible study. Though God gives it free but it must cost you giving up your pleasure. Anything you did to get it, it’s also one of the requirements to sustain it.

There are many men of God today that the given of the Anointing that introduced then to fame. Making and using the Anointing in the manner of the purpose it was given is a great gain to the kingdom of God.

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There are also many books about this topic, But the question is why pursue the Anointing instead of the God that gives the Anointing. There are many when God released small measure of Anointing such as healing, the run off an a car with break. No taming again by the Holy Ghost about the gift. Care must be taken when it comes to the place of the Anointing.

An Anointed person is a covenant person and every level of the Anointing that God gives e, has a level of consecration needed. The Anointing grows but pursue and love God. Then after knowing God, the Anointing will rest on you. Just make yourself ready for it.

Apostle Joshua Selman has done justice to this topic. There shall be no confusion again. Try as much as possible to download the related sermons listed below. Join Apostle Joshua Selman on this Sermon to  titled: The Anointing. Click on the bottom to start downloading in a few seconds.

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