The day of the lord

Audio Sermon: Download The day of the lord by Apostle Gideon Udoma

Download The day of the lord by Apostle Gideon Udoma Audio Sermon

The day of the lord by Apostle Gideon Udoma is a continuation of the January teaching  series of RCN 2021 prophetic verses. This topic is under the general theme of the monthly teaching emphasis tagged Apocalypse. This is an exploration of the mysteries of the book of Revelation.   There is always a day of the Lord. The bible calls it the judgment day. There are many worldview people have concerning the things God wants to do, some do not believe while some do; but in this audio, you will know many worldview of people concerning our faith.

The day of the Lord by Rev Gideon Udoma

The day of the lord is a great day that lives and destiny will be decided on the part of eternity to rest by the Lord. Thus is the day of rapture; when everyone will see the Lord just as He is. It is a day of mourning fir the unrighteous and blissfulness for the righteous.

One spectacular about the day of the lord is that all people will cry despite your stand in faith.  Do you know why? Those righteous will mourn because their faith was not in vain and seeing His glorious appearance, how majestic He is will literally cause tears to roll down you eyes. Others will mourn because what they thought was not true, is actually a surprising truth to them.

The day of the lord is inescapable to all flesh and races. Apostle Gideon has to tell us on this subject. You can click on the download bottom to start downloading in a second now. File size is 31.5mb

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