The verdict: Dynamics of Faith by Apostle Joshua Selman

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Apostle Joshua Selman ministration at Holy bible life church 2021: The verdict- the Dunamics of faith

Faith and the dynamic of faith is Apostle Joshua Selman ministration at Holy Convocation 2021; organized by Victory Bible life church with theme: The verdict. Apostle Joshua Selman session at Victory Bible life church was for day three evening and day four morning.

What is faith? The general definition is that faith is absolute confidence or measure of our confidence in God. Faith according to Apostle Joshua Selman is defines as a name given to the action one take base of conviction of who God is and integrity of His word. There are two dimensions on which faith of a believer is based on in God, they include the integrity and might of God. The reason why you need to build your faith in God is that, He is only one who can say a things and it stands and also have the ability to bring it to pass or into existence.

The verdict: Dynamics of Faith by Apostle Joshua Selman

According to the book of Hebrew, faith is defined as a substance of things. The bible Faith comprises of saying, believing, receiving, having, obstacles, prayers, word of God and acting. All these have a role to play in building a faith. Faith comes by hearing and not just any kind of hearing but hearing of the word of God. You need a good source of information in order to build your belief or conviction. Faith comes and it can also go depending on the hearing you received.

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Faith is beyond confession because prayer is part of faith. Through prayer, you can receive things from God, and then with faith, you can have it. The bible says that when you ask God in prayers, you should believe that you have it. Faith does not fear mountains but Controls Mountain.
On the day four morning session, Apostle Joshua Selman began to explain the dynamics of faith which is a sum total of the ways of producing bible faith. One the ways includes: meditation (Joshua 1:8). He began saying that the bible contains the promises of God, the principles of the kingdom and the Prophecies. There are many other things to explore on about the dynamics of faith, you can click on the download link to start downloading in a second.

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