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Download The Mandate By Apostle Michael Orokpo (2021 Sermon)

Download The Mandate By Apostle Michael Orokpo Audio Mp3

Mandate is responsibilities allocated to man to handle.  In Christian context, mandate is spiritual assignment given to man to handle in order to advance the work of the Kingdom of God here on earth.  There are many spiritual responsibilities God handed over to man on earth. These responsibilities are God assigned will to us to look after.

Download the mandate by Apostle Joshua Selman here; in this sermon, you will be able to understand the full mandate that God gave to man.

What are the mandates to man over world systems- Apostle Mike Orokpo

It all started in the Garden of Eden, when God created man and gave him over all things under his control. One of the mandates that God gave to man is dominium over other creations. Dominion or kingdom influence over the systems of the world. This is why apostles are raised, apostles in the market place such as media, business world, religion, education, art & entertainments, media and finance. Amongst all the systems, the financial world is the strongest which all others are empowered through its influences.

There are many things to communicate, Apostle Mike Orokpo has exposed many things, click on the download bottom to start- the mandate by Apostle Mike Orokpo part 1 & 2.

File size is part1 is 21 mb while part 2 is 16mb each

Download Part 1 here


Download part 2 here

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