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Free Mp3: Download The profit of excellence by Pastor Paul Enenche


The profit of excellence (1-3) by Pastor Paul Enenche is the third series on excellence in the month of October. The first series was the God of excellence by Pastor Paul Enenche – download,  the second series was on defining excellence by Pastor Paul Enenche mp3 download and this third series on the profit  of excellence.  The sermon always covers the three services of the Sunday.

Profit of excellence by Pastor Paul Enenche


The teaching on excellence is critical to the generation we are in now, the bible says, whatever your hands finds to do, do it with all your heart and all on your mind. There is always a reward system attached to every action man decides on. Download the power of decision by Apostle Joshua Selman to learn more.

Excellence has rewards. The profit of excellence is numerous, it’s rewarding system is part of what lifts men in the kingdom of God or secular world. Excellence is being good at what you do. Sometimes, people execute jobs or do some activities for people without knowing that it can determine the next line of action in business for the person; what do I mean here?

Pastor Paul Enenche mp3 messages on the profit of excellence download 


There are people who do some business with others without checking on what that business could lead to. There are people who have engages in business with people and it became a stepping stone to their great destiny. God desires us to be excellent in all we do.

The profit of excellence is connection or lifting. This is because when you do an activity excellent, people tend to refer you to another. Through this means your famousness in that area is noise abroad. There are many profits of excellence as stated by Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche


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