The revelation of Jesus Christ

Mp3: Download The Revelation Of Jesus Christ By Rev Dr David Ogbueli

[Audio mp3] Download The Revelation Of Jesus Christ By Rev Dr David Ogbueli

The Revelation Of Jesus Christ By Rev David Ogbueli is an unveiling of who Jesus Christ is. many people in our generation, take Jesus as anything they like it to be. First the revelation you have about Jesus will actually determine the level of trust and faith you will have in His name. You know that, if your faith is not strong, it means that the revelation of Jesus Christ is not strong.

Many people believe is just the man that came and die on the cross and so they believe but continue to live in sin. others believe that Jesus is the some of God, they know but accepting to live the life of Christ or that please God is a big problem. Jesus is not a prosperity give, He Himself is prosperity, so having Him is everything you can think of.

The big question remains this: who is Jesus Christ to you? On the strength of this question is the revelation of Jesus Christ will be to you. Apostle Peter in his book will say: that we should be ready for action, always prepare to give reason why you believe in who you believe. Do you even believe that Jesus is the son of God, who came in the flesh and die for you sin? so that you can be restored back to God. That He raised from the death and now, seated at the right hand of God the father?

 Who is Jesus Christ?

Many other people believe a lot of things because of what they want Him to accomplish for them. Jesus Christ is everything, through everything, in everything and over everything. He is the signature of you salvation in God. He is the word that made creation possible as God was declaring it in Genesis.

Your definition of Jesus is on the strength of the revelation you have in that name. The name , Jesus Christ has been exhorted high by God that all power in heaven and on Earth is under that Name. Jesus was a mystery hidden by God before the foundation of the word, but because God need someone whom can restore man, Jesus Christ left His throng to save us. Jesus Christ is the King of the universal and your life can not have meaning if He is not standing with you and in you.

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