Personal Development: Download The Test Of Character By Duncan Williams Mp3

Mp3 Audio sermon: Download The Test Of Character By Duncan Williams

Character is you when no one is watching you either by way of monitoring or guidance. There two ways your character can be tested of the lord: one is by the way of allowing some levels of temptations come your way.  God also test your character to see the level of your maturity in Him.

The reason why God test you is to see to the level of your faith or dependence on Him. In the days of kings He tested a one of the kings that He might see what he will do. So God tests your character as much as your ability or faith in Him like Abraham.

Steps to personal development

Many people call themselves Christians but they lack character. Many are heavily anointed but no character to sustain or engage it to use it effectively. This is the reason why personal development is  paramount to everyone. The first step to development or improvement is by breaking through your ideologies of the mind.

Archbishop Duncan Williams has exposed some ways God test us. One is the way of character. when you do not have good attitude towards material things or spiritual things, it shows that you need improvement. Jesus ones said in the bible that if you are not careful with the wealth of others, who will commit to you the true riches of heaven?

The reason for this message is that you can improve to a better way. No body is ready to hang around anyone who has unspeakable character, no matter your worth. one thing that corrupts and individual easily is attitude or mind. you can download this audio to download the see the several ways to improve on you mind, character and attitude.

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