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Download The Way Of Gate Keepers By Mike Oropko And Prayer Gate

Mp3 Audio: Download The Way Of Gate Keepers By Mike Oropko

The Way Of Gate Keepers By Mike Oropko is an alarm for the messengers of God to arise and take responsibility. Apostle Arome taught on kingdom functionaries of the church. you can download the audio here. Gate keepers is one of the functionaries. the stand at the watch.  Also in one of apostle Johnson Suleman message, check the Mordical generation where he mentioned many mysterious things that gate keepers does.

Gate keepers are the main controllers of the city. When Mordical was favored by the King, he still went back to the gate. what was he doing there? the gate was the entrance to the city which is the head quarters of information. At the gate you capture the information or secrets that can build or destroy the city.

Download The Way Of Gate Keepers By Mike Oropko mp3

The bible says that the Lord seeks for a man who will stand at the gap… in the book of Ezekiel. Habakkuk will always say: I will stand upon my watch to see what the Lord will say. The gate Keepers are mystery or custodians of kingdom informants. God is seeking for men whom He will handle His secret of the Kingdom. These men are must be people who will enjoy prayer, bible study and righteousness as a lifestyle.

There are many things to know, just click the link below to download this powerful and revealing audio sermon of Apostle Mike Orokpo.

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Download Prayer gate by Apostle Mike Orokpo

This is to bring to your domain of another powerful message in line for you. Prayer Gate by Apostle Mike Orokpo is a message you must listen in line with the ways of gatekeepers.  you can download the audio below.

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