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Audio marriage Sermon Download: What Is True Love- Apostle Johnson Suleman

True love is not lust or infatuation. Many people has missed it in life in marriage because there are some certain truths they did not find in the process of marriage in both the partner and the word of God. The first thing you need to know from the bible is that you should love who you marry not to marry who you love. Here is a marriage seminar article for you read and learn more on how to find true love for yourself.

what is true love

Love is an emotion, do not be confused, it takes time and decision to develop it.  No one was born with true love in him or her. when making choice of marriage, looking for true love is a mistake because you can not find it then. True love is discovered in the process of marriage. there are  ways and mysteries of restoring the lost years of your life  by Pastor Bill Winston, check to know more.

what are the signs and how to know true Love (qualities of real true love)

The  things to look out for in marriage engagement is for a woman or man who has the fear of God. Then character comes into check, see according to the bible, women are not to love their husband but to respect them, this is what men see as love. No man is ready to marry a woman that can not submit to his government.  While it is in the duty of men to love their wife.

what are the signs of true love

Marry Someone who can give you peace, true love is not easy to find but when you follow the precepts of God you can discover it. True love according to the bible, does not count cause, it protects others, it odes not have greed, it is patient, long suffering, enduring in pains, always rejoicing. There many signs and qualities of true love, click to download this audio by Apostle Johnson Suleman, he has a good experience of true love in marriage.



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