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Awakening: Move of Revival by Apostle Michael Orokpo mp3 audio download


Revival is a season of great awakening. It is a time when God moves in an unusual dimensions. During the seasons of revival, God deploys massive graces upon the earth so the His servants can accomplish His will and purposes on earth. God’s purposes are eternal and they are captured in seasons.

There are several seasons of revival programs conducted in order to pass across the purpose of God amongst His people. The moment of great move and awakening is a time for God’s purposes to be established?

Do you remember the Azuza street revival by John Knots? John Hades prayers about Scotland? There are sometimes, people will be experiencing massive repentance everywhere, people giving their life to God and many other signs and wonders happening. Just as the birth of Jesus was a season of revival for the salvation of the world.

This is because, His coming to the world was prophesied long ago and when the time came, many prophets even magicians knew because the news was captured in the spirit realm. Revival comes like a wind upon the face of the earth. The main purpose of revival is to establish the Lordship of Christ to nations and in the heart of men.


Audio message: Download wind of revival by Apostle Michael Orokpo


Apostle Michael Orokpo speaking on this subject, expanded many things to help us see that a great move of God is already on the Earth. People are accessing unusual dimensions of God and wonders beyond comprehension are happening everywhere. Checking through the sounds of God, the earth has record many great revivalist such as John Knox, Pal Elton, Kenneth Copeland, Billy Graham and many others. Some were in healing dimensions and other aspect of God’s glory.

The season of revival is a season of massive deployment of grace. Click the download link below to start download this audio message by Apostle Michael Orokpo.


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Download part four


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