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Glory is a composite name that sums all the nature of God. When you hear of God’s glory, what comes to your mind? This sermon is entitled to clear your mind on the notions you have about the word or phrase the Glory of God. The speaker of the message is Apostle Johnson Suleman on the 17th anniversary of Omega Fire Ministry. The theme of the anniversary is tagged “Ebenezer

Ebenezer 2021: the glory of God

The Glory of God by Apostle Johnson Suleman is the day one message (evening) of the conference commencement. The Glory of God changes per time and because His glory is endless, the sum total of His being is unsearchable.  If you want to know what makes God who He is, search for His Glory. When the glory of God is revealed to you, one thing is certain, you will see the emptiness and how unrighteous you are. You can ask prophet Isaiah what he saw when king Uzziah died.

The glory of God by Apostle Suleman

Ebenezer Audio Messages – The Glory The Of God with Apostle Johnson Suleman and Dr Lizzy Suleman

The following are the highlights of the sermon: the glory of God is the intangible release of a tangible grace. When the glory of God is unveiled, delay is eliminated. God’s time comes when you stop looking at your time. The level of how fast and pray does not change the divine calendar. Faith does not move mountain rather faith moves you until mountain moves. God works with His eternal calendar therefore He does not look at your time timetable and finally, the battles of your life are a proof of God’s love.

This conference on Ebenezer runs from 9th through 13th of February 2021. During the conference, awards were given to several people. There are many things that followed prayers, prophecies and healing with miracles. You can click on the download link below to start at once.

Ebenezer- OFM 17th anniversary sermons by Apostle Suleman

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