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Ebenezer: Download Apostle Michael Orokpo Audio sermon

Ebenezer is gratitude of rendering unto God for His marvelous works on the surfaces of the Earth and toward creation. There are many things thanksgiving to God affords us. The heat of the season is The mandate by Apostle Mike, download now.  The bible says in prayer and thanksgiving makes your petitions be made known to God. Ebenezer, give thanks to God. Thanksgiving will be offered on the platform of an altar, listen and download Visions from the Altar by Apostle Gideon Udoma

Many people are not showing gratitude to God for what He has done, their life is full of request, their prayers full of commands and all kind of prayer points but void of thanksgiving. How do you show your level of acceptance and value is by thanksgiving. Ebenezer give thanks is a revelation,  Apocalypse  by Apostle Arome will give you more understanding.

You need to know that showing gratitude and thanksgiving is a way of telling God that you need more. God has been faithful in keeping His promises in your life but it is unfortunate that many return to Him by ungratefully on what He has done. Learn the ways of manifestations  as Sons of God by Bishop David Abioye

Ebenezer, give thanks for life, live is more than riches. Do not be full of regrets; God is still faithful to bring to pass all that concerns you. He is Ebenezer, the God of help.  Apostle Michael Orokpo has unraveled the mysteries encoded in the word Ebenezer. Click to download this sermon below. File size is 16.6mb



The power is available, download the mysteries on how to get unusual access to the power of God by Apostle Joshua Selman

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