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Learn The Best And Effective Ways On How To Handle Rejection At All Situations

What Is The Best Way To Respond To Rejection In Life And Psychological Ways To Deal With Rejection?


How to handle rejection has been a question of many who have in one way or the other feel rejected in life. The feeling of being rejected in life is becoming a normal act and this happens when we give our all to people who reject us. The Psychological effect of rejection includes depression, emotional disability, and mental disorder. Many people have suffered rejection from love, rejection from family, rejection from friends, and rejection from a business associate. Amongst all these, the big question remains, how do you accept rejection and move on?

No form of rejection in life gives pleasure, it hurts. Also, on the other hand, you need to develop a system within you to handle rejection because people will always be people despite what you invest to change them, especially, when they have not decided to change. Sometimes, it is not always easy to accept and to move when being rejected. But you have to accept it. Your rejection does not determine your outcome and it is a means of conscious revealing of your glory when you work on yourself.  

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I will like you to know that life presents many options to you and it is in your choice to make the best out of life most opportunities. Now, anything good in life must be confronted and battled. No home-let is made without breaking an egg, so life must squeeze and hard press you to bring the best of you and it happens in facing challenges such as rejection. I will like you to know that rejection does not determine your outcomes in life.  

Most of Apostle Johnson Suleman messages addresses how to handle life, to love God even amid battles, and how to redeem your opportunities. Therefore, this article addresses the ways on how to handle rejection from different situations of life. You also need to understand that you are not the only one that has been rejected in life, you are the first and will not be last to feel rejected. The following are examples of people who have been rejected in life: Jesus Christ, Joseph, Jeremiah, David, and others. 

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What Are The Causes Of Rejection

Rejection from people, love or friends is caused by many things which include: 

  1. Some people feel rejected because they are poor, therefore, feeling that they cannot contribute to life (lack of financial capacity). 
  2. Some people are rejected because of bad character and moral values. 
  3. Some people are also rejected because their living standards and principles are impenetrable (that is right). 
  4. Some people feel rejected because their hope for people turned out the worst for them. 
  5. People feel rejected because of the kind of conclusion they drew after the ugly life experiences they went through.  
  6. People feel rejected because friends blackmail them. 
  7. People feel rejected because they feel that they are backward in trend and cannot catch up with the trend. 
  8. People feel rejected because they feel that they lack the potential to prosecute life and destiny. 
  9. People feel rejected when their expectations are cut short, they become depressed. 
  10. People feel rejected because people lost hope in them. 
  11. People feel rejected because a fiancé, love and close friend left them and turn back at them. 
  12. People feel rejected when they lose their business partners and jobs.
  13. People feel rejected because of what people feel about them, what they heard about them, what they see you do and act.  
  14. People can also feel rejected when they conceive the mindset that they are worth nothing to their generation (they consider themselves useless to the world). 

General Ways To Deal With Rejection.

how to deal with rejection from friends

There is always a starting point for any cause in life. There is no smoke without fire is an adage that has a significant meaning. The ability to arrest a problem at the early stage goes a long way to save us from the trauma of life. Most times, people fall victim to rejection because they feel the problem is big to the extent that it overwhelms them. I want to let you know that no problem is too much to overwhelm you if you can identify it early and deal with it. That problem that escalated to a big problem could have been hampered if you had persevered in handling it. 

You can get over rejection in a general way and also, due to specific issues of life, it can also be handled specifically depending on the category of the issue. These general ways on how to handle rejection were adopted from a bible study teaching of Apostle Johnson Suleman titled: how to handle rejection. 

Do not reject yourself: when you sensed that people have rejected you, the first thing you should do is to accept your personality and value yourself. They will reject you because they are focusing on a temporary matter that can be changed. They will also leave you because they lack the knowledge of your worth. Now, it might also be that why they are living you is legit but if you reject yourself, then there is nothing to stand for. The bible speaking lets us know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and even the Angels are shocked at how good we are. We are the priest and queens of God. Therefore, accept yourself because in you is the nature and the strength of Christ. When people reject you, do not be bordered because He who keeps Israel neither sleep nor slumber.

The only time you should border is when Christ rejects you. The reason why people are leaving your life might be a mistake you made which can be corrected. No one is perfect, rather we are walking and pressing on towards perfection. Richard Templar made a statement that we should “stop picking faults with ourselves, or giving ourselves a hard time. Instead, accept that you are what you are”. All you have to do is to decide on how to get yourself better. When you do not learn from experience, you repeat the experience, thereby making history. Richard Templar once said that wisdom is not about making mistakes, but about learning to escape afterwards with your dignity and sanity intact. 

You also need to know that those who walked out from you never believed in you. They never valued you and might have come to you because they wanted a parasitic relationship with you. So always add value to yourself so that they will feel your relevance. 

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Allow people to be who they are: when people reject you, do not try to change them or impress them. People are who they are because of the decisions they made in life. Apostle Joshua Selman says that we are the product of our decision which we do not have influence over the consequences of our decisions. We are all reflections of our actions and inactions. The bible speaking that man is desperately wicked, so it is only God that can change them. So you are wasting your effort trying to change a man. All you can do is to add value or show him the way to become better but not to change him. 

Accept people the way they are so that you can know the way to avoid them. Do not change people’s personalities rather, contribute to their life towards change and accept them the way they are so that you will not get hurt. One of Jesus’s characters was that He knew men and therefore, did not commit Himself to men (John 2:24). 

You cannot change people no matter your investment. People will always be people when they show you their true colour, do not change them. Some people make friends because they want to change people and in the end, they are hurt and frustrated. According to Proverb 18:24, we are advised to choose our friends wisely.

Also, do not give people too much allowance so that when they are leaving you, they will not leave a great hurt and vacuum in your heart. Choose people with who you share your secrets and also keep people’s secrets. You need to know that the person that tells you other people’s secrets is not worthy of sharing anything with you because he or she is already advertising your secrets in the open square. Do not let people hurt you because of your personality and let people be who they are. 

Engage in self-development: There is a sense of satisfaction you get when you realize that you are improving. Every rejection happened for a reason. If your probe more, you will realize the reason for the rejection, do not let the reason be your story when they meet with you in the future. Development is not all about discovery rather the application of the discovered development. They might have rejected you because of incompetence, in this rejected state is an ample opportunity for you to develop yourself into another man. Use it to learn skills, improve your character and a new career. You just have to make sure, that where they left you is not where you are now, life demands that we are in motion to the right place. 

Handle it spiritually: some of the rejections that people experience are spiritually occasioned. In Genesis 27:27, Isaac recognized the son by the smell of his hair. Some rejections are possible because the enemy succeeded in putting an evil garment on an individual. Some relationships have been cancelled because the enemy successfully wears on the lady a spiritual mask which on physical appearance causes a dislike on the face of the lover.

There are some signs that you can use to identify some spiritual dimensions of rejection. The signs include: when you experience disfavor from people, when you are suddenly hated by those you love, when you are paid evil for good, when you are prompted by the flesh to make the wrong pronouncement against yourself, when the devil cause wrong people to come to you, and even sometimes, you bad to happen to you by your bad character. 

You need character and discernment to recognize opportunities. At this point, for you to handle it spiritually, you need to fast and pray. Take your spiritual life seriously. You also need the anointing to destroy that yoke. Then righteousness and right pronouncement that is seasoned with grace should fill your mount. Your prayers should take the dimension of spiritual warfare prayers. 

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How To Handle Rejection From A Guy or a woman (your love or crush)

how to handle rejection from a love

Rejection is when people abandon or leave you, not minding the good you have done to them and for a reason which you cannot explain, without returning to you, leaving you hurt without considering your emotions. Experiencing rejection from a guy especially in a romantic relationship is painful. I was opportune to meet a friend of mine who was rejected by her friend with who she had been in a relationship for years. When she got the news of the rejection, as strong as she looks physically, she broke and wanted to commit suicide by starvation. So when I met her, she narrated all that happened and what was up to me, I had to encourage her. It hurts, especially when you are sure, you did not commit anything wrong. She cried for days and she felt she was not fit for marriage and relationship again. I want to let you know that you can have what you lost a hundred folds if you can encourage yourself in Christ. 

There are always better people out there who can replace the person that left you. You can marry anyone but cannot love everyone as your partner. You are only instructed to love who you marry, not to marry who you love because you can love everyone. His walking out from your life is an opportunity to feel light to pursue your life purpose. Living with Purpose in view is one of the best things that gives you comfort.  Therefore, questions like: “how do you accept rejection from someone you love?” should not be a question of concern after these recommendations below. When a guy leaves or rejects you, you can handle rejection from a guy by doing the following: 

Joyfully encourage yourself and accept his decision: there should be no need to plead at the time the news was broken to you, this is because for him to make the decision, it has been a long while. Your pleading will not change anything rather, it will make you be at his mercy. 

Do not allow your emotion to control you in his presence: when the news is broken, naturally, no one will feel happy. When you are not at fault and your dignity is still intact, there is no need to cry and beg at the moment. You can quietly tell him thank you for knowing who he is. You can go home and cry, do not cry in his or her presence. Go home and cry to God, if He is yours, win the battle through prayers. What is yours is yours, there is no need to fear. 

Let go and move on with life: when you do not reckon the past to be in the past, it can affect the future. There is more gain in the future than what has happened. Since life does not exist in the past, focus on the future for that is where life dwells. Let go of that experience and try new things that will define your tomorrow. Keep pressing on to lay hold of the purpose you were born for. Leaving your life in the past will only bring damages to the future. It is good to refer to the old memories but they can limit your possibilities when they become the chief pillars of the present. They have rejected you and have continued in their endeavour. Why are you stranded, it might have hurt you, let go and move on, there is more to the future than the past and now. 

Spend quality time with true friends: when you are rejected, you should find some true and trusted friends with who you can share moments. Visit them and discuss with them for comfort purposes. Also, meeting with friends could be a means to discover what’s new and the new version of your ability. One thing you need to know is that friends have some facts about us. 

Build your emotional stability: life and maturity are not built on emotions. It is dangerous to build on emotions. Emotions are part of the human body system but you have to develop yourself to control your emotions. Your ability to handle your emotions makes you master them. You should build your emotions to an extent that it does not detect your actions. During and before the season of rejection, build a stable emotion in you. This point will make you leave life successful and not on assumptions because can varnish leaving you with more hurts. 


How To Handle Rejection from Business associates, partners and employers 

how to handle rejection from work place

Rejection could come from the business places. The means of handling it are the same even though disparities exist because of peculiarities of situations. Adding to the points stated above, you deal with rejection in business places by doing the following:

Add value to yourself: character is the true definition of your daily routine. They might have rejected you because of your character to work or anything they felt that damages their well-being. Sometimes it might be because of your right standards, hold unto it, do not compromise it. People sometimes hate people who have rights principles and standards that guide them, hold to it, you should find a way to improve on it because when they will eventually come back because they will not see a replacement. People are looking for people to trust their matters. Learn new skills in business, improve your communication skills and manner of approach. You just have to make your self-worth improve and increase, for if they left you, they will always come back to know your current status and at this time, they will be at your mercy.

Explore other opportunities and think of self-employment: Life is full of opportunities. Your life is not defined only by that job, there are always better ones you can explore. When you have added value to yourself or you feel you are capable of another opportunity elsewhere, explore it. The gold mine of life never finishes, keep mining. Try to check on new business ideals, new jobs and ways to tap into the opportunities out there instead of dying alone. Redeeming the time for the days are evil. 

In the evil days, salary fails but investment stands. Invest wisely with your resources. Self-employment remains the biggest way to control your world (self) economy. 

Expand your network: The first business might have brought rejection, try again through networking. Seek counsel for in the multitude of wise counsel, a man is established. Build your network for it determines your net worth as people say. Do not stand alone but when you see that standing with others will limit and corrupt you, stand-alone. Networks are beneficial because they can help you in times of difficulty and also great opportunities can come from networking. No one is an island, connect with people of like mind and passion. Since others rejected you, rebuild again, for there are people who love and value you for the same reason others rejected you. This is called tolerance. 


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