Download Efficiency By Light By Apostle Edu Udechuckwu Mp3

Efficiency By Light By Apostle Edu Udechuckwu

Mp3- Download Efficiency by Light by Apostle Edu Udechuckwu


Efficiency by light by Apostle Edu Udechuckwu was a sermon that revealed the mystery of light as regards to the faith of a believer. Christians are the light of the world and Christ Jesus is the chief light. In Him there is no darkness at all. The life of Christ in us transforms to light which helps us to shine in the world. This statement was according to John 1 verse 5.

Light is that it makes manifest the hidden things. The nature of light is that it dominates its environment.  That is why darkness cannot comprehend its appearance. In context of salvation, mankind have been saved by Christ from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. The light of the kingdom of God is called marvelous light.

Audio Message by Apostle Edu Udechuckwu- Efficiency by Light


Apostle Edu Udechuckwu explained how we can increase the level our efficiency in Christ.  Light is that element in God that helps us grasp the reality in God. the bible declares that the God of this world has blinded the mind of unbelievers, so that they will not see the light of the glory of God.

Anyone who lacks the light of God, is in darkness. All decisions you will make will be wrong because you in the dark and those in darkness does not know the way to life. Therefore you efficiency to travel in the spirit, journey in God, understand the scriptures and other adventures is powered by the light of God. Do not allow this message to escape you.

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