Download Engaging The Power Of Tongue By Pastor Paul Enenche Mp3

Pastor Paul Enenche Message At Shiloh 2021: Engaging The Power Of Tongue


Life and death are in the power of the tongue. The world was created by the words of the tongue. Pastor Paul Enenche at Shiloh 2021 spoke about the power of the tongue. The tongue is beyond the aid for food transport or mouth moistening process. It is a weapon of warfare. The tongue is used for many activities on earth.

Through the tongue you can bless or curse. There is power in the spoken word. One time in the bible, God says that which I hear you say, that will I do. He honors the word of our mouth.


Download Engaging The Power Of Tongue By Pastor Paul Enenche mp3


The tongue is so powerful that it can set a world on fire. With the tongue you can kill and also amend. So the bible tells us to tame our tongue because it is beyond our imagination. Our tongues should contain the words of grace which could add value to lives around us.

If you want to be successful in life, you must engage your tongue in positive confession with faith. Pastor Paul Enenche spoke many things concerning the tongue and you can click the download link below to start downloading the audio message.


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