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Evangelism Church

Evangelism Church

Evangelism church, is it a new concept to you? Why has there been much attention and call on an evangelism church? What do you think about evangelism in the 21st century? What is an evangelism church? This article explains several areas of evangelism church and evangelism. The mandate is not lost but can be revived.

An evangelism church accepts, believes and embarks on the mandate of evangelism. Inadequate mentorship and focus have shifted many churches from the great commission. Evangelism was instituted and commissioned by Jesus Christ when He was about to ascend into heaven after His resurrection and visitation to most disciples.

Matthew 28: 16-20, captures Jesus’ statement on evangelism institutionalization. Go into all the nations and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Before, this statement, He gave them authority (jurisdiction and power) which is all the nations. He also, commanded that the nations should be taught, Christ.

The equipping of the saints is done in the church but the lost souls but be prioritised too. Jesus Christ came for the unrighteous and He was anointed by God with power and Holy Spirit to preach the good news to the poor and to do well, to heal the sick and deliver all that was oppressed by the devil.




What Is Evangelism Church?

An evangelism church is a church that preaches the gospel and reaches out to the unreached with the gospel and teaches and preaches to Jesus as the Christ. An example of an evangelism church is recorded in Acts 4:29-31. Jesus was an Evangelist, He preached in the streets and heal the sick. Also, He taught in the temples of the kingdom of God.

An evangelism church has taken the responsibility of the great commission, whom the Lord has empowered the evangelistic ministry gifts and graces such as boldness, power and authority, signs and wonders, healing gifts and counsels. In Acts 5:20, the Angel commanded the Apostles to go, stand in the temple and speak the words of this life (the gospel). In verse 42, it was recorded that they were in the temple daily teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.

An evangelism church witnesses the resurrection of the Lord with great power and whom the great grace has been allotted to do the work of evangelism (Acts 4:33). This kind of church is filled with the Holy Spirit, boldness signs and wonders, miracles, healing graces, rich prayer life and the word of God Acts 4:29-31.


What Does Evangelical Church Believe?

An evangelical church believes and teaches the bible. The word evangelical was derived from the Greek word “euangelion” which means good news. The good news is all about Christ and His work as recorded in the scriptures. Therefore, being evangelical means bible base or believing. Therefore, an evangelical church teaches the bible without errors, the sound doctrine of Christ and practices the word of Christ undiluted.

Most times, those who are evangelical are called faith Believers. An evangelical church lives and operates by the word of God as the only instructions of the Lord. They also believe and walk with the Holy Spirit because He will not operate outside the scriptures.

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What Is The Main Purpose Of Evangelism? 

The main purpose of evangelism is to reach out to the unreached with the gospel of the kingdom, the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, gospel. Reaching the unreached with the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, will allow them to accept Him.




Evangelism In Church Today

Evangelism in the church is not much encouraged as the business of every Christian. Most churches relinquish the mandate to the evangelism unit of the church. This is wrong. There is the proliferation of churches but ineffective strategies to embark on evangelism. Every Christian who has witnessed salvation should be able to reach out to the unreached with the gospel that saves him or her.

Evangelism in the church today requires power, authority, prayers, the gospel, and great commitment to further the good news of Jesus Christ. Why should churches embark on and encourage evangelism today? The following are the reasons:

  1. Evangelism is Christ’s commandment
  2. Because Christ’s death and resurrection are true
  3. Christ is the only way to gain salvation
  4. Because all authority has been given to the church
  5. Because it leads to kingdom expansion
  6. It is one way to revival and transformation
  7. It is because Christ coming is dependent on the gospel reaching the world




What Are The Types Of Evangelism? 

  1. Friendship evangelism
  2. Church/ Mass evangelism
  3. Distant/ online evangelism
  4. Personal evangelism
  5. Welfare evangelism
  6. Rural outreaches/ crusade
  7. Tracts distribution

The Role Of The Church In Evangelism In Church Growth 

The role of evangelism in church growth is non-negotiable. Acts 2:40-47 stated the secret of church growth which was initiated by evangelism. The role of evangelism is to reach out, reconcile men to God, and commend or hand them to churches for discipleship.

Church growth happens in four ways which are: spiritual life, numerical growth and personal life development. In summary, the role of evangelism in church growth is to add souls to the church for proper discipleship and to equip the saint for the rapture.

Some elements grow church after effective evangelism has been carried out, they include:

  1. Prayer
  2. Bible study
  3. Unity and love
  4. Welfare and care
  5. Proper discipleship



Challenges Facing Evangelism in Churches Today in Nigeria, worldwide and in the 21st century 

  1. Improper orientation on evangelism
  2. Lack of financial support
  3. Political and insecurity
  4. Laziness amongst Christians
  5. Lack of passion for evangelism
  6. Lack of boldness and confidence to preach
  7. Biblical illiteracy
  8. Lack of intimacy with the Holy Spirit
  9. Active work of the flesh in Believers
  10. Deception
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