Download Existence At The Top By Pastor Paul Enenche (1 & 2

Download EXISTENCE AT THE TOP by Pastor Paul Enenche part 1 & 2

Existence at the top part 1 & 2 by Pastor Paul Enenche was the Sunday Message in the month of May, 2022. When one is lifted, what is expected of him or her at the position of lifting?

There are several people, when they are lifted by the Lord, the forsake the Lord. Some develop pride and are ruin in vanity. You existed for the glory of God despite the level of glory you have attained.

Existence at the Top part 1 & 2 By Pastor Dr Paul Enenche

Whatever you do and got a lifting from the Lord ought to be maintained and increased. Your existence at the top should be a life of submission to God and servant to all.

Jesus will still say that the greatest in the kingdom is a servant. Therefore, humility is a critical virtue to sustain at the top.

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