Download Financial Dominion By Apostle Michael Orokpo

Download Audio Sermon on Financial Dominion By Apostle Michael Orokpo


Financial dominion is a form of financial abundance and wealth control. Being financially free is different from having financial dominion. Apostle Michael Orokpo message on financial dominion is available here and this audio unveiled many principles of making real wealth in the kingdom of God.

Firstly, every wealth you acquired is not yours because God gave it to you. This is to help you so that you will have the mindset of the kingdom.

There are many audio teachings on financial, business and successful living. Several people also are searching for the easiest way to make wealth but there is one principle that doesn’t fail.


Financial Dominion By Apostle Michael Orokpo

One principle of financial dominion is by seeking the kingdom of God and His rightousness. The Bible promised that all other things will be added to you.

There are biblical principles of financial dominion and Apostle Michael Orokpo taught many things that pertains to kingdom wealth. Click on the link to download the audio on financial dominion by Apostle Michael Orokpo


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