Download Finding The Right Partner To Do Exploit By Bro Gbile Akanni

Bro Gbile Akanni message on marriage: Download Finding The Right Partner To Do Exploit


Finding the right partner is amongst the marriage teaching of Bro Gbile Akanni in conferences.  One the ways to determine the extent to which a ministry can go is by looking at the marriage lifestyle of the shepherds in charge. Good partner is a boast to ministry.

He who finds a wife, finds a good things and obtains favour from the Lord. A bad partner in ministry becomes a responsibility and a heavy blow to God’s works. This audio sermon is more of a marriage seminar for young pastors in ministry.

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Finding the right partner in ministry lessens the burden on the shoulder of the minister. There are many pastors with bad marriage and such home cannot be a model to the followers of the ministry. Also, there are partners in ministry that are not in the aspect of marriage but those who help in financial aspect of ministry.


Download finding the right partner in marriage by Bro Gbile Akanni


The big question is, how to find the right partner so as to do exploit in the kingdom of God. The first answer to the subject of finding the right partner is that God brings them. Men has responsibilities to play too. To find the right partner, you have to prayer, have quality relationship with people.

Success in ministry is the heart beat of God that is why He brings men your way and supports plans that are in line with His will. Bro Gbile Akanni in this audio teaching on finding the right partner to do exploit listed many ways to this search.

All you need now is to click the download bottom and the audio will start download in a second. Just discovered that this teaching was by Bro Moses Ogianyo (Bro Gbile Akanni disciple).

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