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[Free Mp3] Download How Kingdom Men and Women Miss The Kingdom By Pastor Jerry Eze

Manifesting His Kingdom WAFBEC 2021 audio messages:  Pastor Jerry Eze messages

Kingdom is an allocation God gives to His people as responsibilities to guard and keep His will perpetuating on Earth. You can download the principles scaling heights and laws of advancement by Apostle Joshua Selman at Manifesting His Kingdom WAFBEC 2021. This message is the Day 5 Evening Session of the conference.

There are certain men who are part of God’s kingdom, working in His vineyard but due to one thing or the other, they miss out the rewards of their work. They also miss out the eternal reward of heaven. The reason is because they worked not according the will of God or one thing that God found fault with them, corrected them but they refused to obey.

There is a mandate as spoken by Apostle Mike Orokpo that the Lord has given to all flesh, this mandate also according to Apostle Selman are full of God’s responsibilities to fulfill on face of the Earth. Pastor Jerry Eze is one the young ministers that God is raising to pioneer His work on the face of the Earth. He is full of potentials and anointing.

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Download the morning session titled Birthing kingdoms by Pastor Jerry Eze.


Dunsin Oyekan song Featured by Pastor Jerry Eze: what God can not do.



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