Download Audio Message on How to Handle Rejection by Apostle Johnson Suleman

Bible study: Download and Learn How to Handle Rejection by Apostle Johnson Suleman

how to handle rejection by Apostle Johnson Suleman

How to handle rejection was a bible study teaching by Apostle Johnson Suleman. It is no news that many people are passing through rejections, depression, addictions and all other emotional and psychological problems. Many have suffered rejection from spouse, love, friends, parents and many others.

All hope is not lost, there is always a way to handle things. All you need is proper knowledge and there is no need to commit murder because someone rejected you. They might have rejected you because their expectation of you was not satisfactory or things they heard about you.

Rejection is another way to rebranding and rebuilding and to disapprove your rejecter that something good and godly can come out of you. Giving up by doing silly things proves that what they are saying is true but since you were not created in that sense of judgement, you can rejoice.

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Teaching Sermon on How to Handle Rejection by Apostle Johnson Suleman


When you feel rejected, what do you do? Find someone and confide in, change your mindset having known that you are not the first to experience it, find joy and comfort in the Holy Spirit, do not just cry but rather have a self-worth and encourage yourself, develop a harden heart of not quitting, you can also call the reject thanking him for showing you that there is another version of you that you do not know, make an evaluation of yourself and push ahead and many other things.

There are many things that could replace what left you.  Apostle Johnson Suleman in this teaching, outlined many things that one could do when someone feels rejected. Click the audio to start download right the way.

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