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Crisis Of Life inevitable. Many people pass through several challenges and problems in life. Some give up even at the point of breakthrough. Some give up because there was no help or anyone close to lift him up. Crisis Of Life sometimes comes like spiritual seasons just to test your faith level in God, the amount of conviction or trust you have in God (Jesus Christ). Do not let situation take over you, download and listen how to use God’s instruments in colonizing territories by Apostle Arome Osayi.

The bible says that man is born to many troubles as revealed to Job. Crisis Of Life are part of life systems, do you remember Job in the Bible, also, the disciples of Jesus on the both as they were passing the other side of the river?  Storms of life are one the ways to express the Crisis Of Life. One assurance of victory during the challenges of life is BEING WITH JESUS AND TRUST IN HIM ALONE. Learn the  biblical principles and mysteries on manifesting His kingdom on Earth by Apst Selman 

Archbishop Benson Idahosa was one the great revivalist of his time. He passed through many storms of life in ministry such as media criticism and others. One thing that gave him victory was God. This was possible because he loved God and trusted in him. This teaching a sermon birthed out of many experiences of his life as regards ministry. This audio will give you and information that will aid your life experience. Also, the ways that he overcame those moments of storm or challenges of life are stated clearly by him.

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