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How To Plan your life effectively has been the most challenge of the youths. Life demands that you make plans to execute the things that God has told you. planning is way to show that you are ready and interested to do the will of God. I know you might be thinking: how to plan my life for the future? how to plan your life for success? How do you make a life plan better and successful? How do I create a new life or leaf in my endeavor? This audio will help you. download and listen.

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God is never against you planning your life, because the bible says that we should commit our ways to God and He will establish it. Also, the book of Proverbs shows us that man plan but God proposes. So you see that, God is not against you planning your life. Life demands sense of urgency.

The thoughts of God concerning us are settles in heaven, you must take responsibilities to make them settle on Earth. So how do you do that? plans must be made and this is a place of making most decision to engage heaven in prayer and studying of the Word of God.

Most things to add life plan

How to Plan my life may be confusing or tiring, you can not plan your life or know how to plan your life if you do not know the owner of your life. This is because, you planning your life is like analyzing you life purpose. So, Since you purpose is reveled by God, you must know who He is. The things of life are secrets, learning the mystery of expected end on your life plan need more carefulness than the plan itself.

In planning your life, procrastination must be killed. look at for the most effective things that God has told you concerning you life and start makin plans on them. When God gives you an information on something, do not sit back and be waiting for Him to do it, He gave it to you to start up something and then involve Him in the plan.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the general overseer of Salvation ministries has taught a lot of spiritual principles on how to plan you life, you too should listen and here it. click to download this audio message below. Also some audio are recommend to help you plan your life too below.

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