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Free Mp3 Sermon: Download How to Plan Your Vision By Dr Myles Munroe

Audio mp3: Download How to Plan Your Vision Effectively By Dr Myles Munroe

Vision is divine ways of God’s communication to human. Vision is in two ways which includes: vision as a communication mode and vision as visualize way of plan or purpose unto fulfillment. Many people have vision which are powerful and wonderful but lack the ability to plan it in order to achieve it. Vision must be decided over, download and learn the basic principles of power of priority by Dr D K Olukoya

Having vision has never been the problem but how to plan vision. Planning of vision has strategic principles or ways to navigate in order to bring it to reality. God told Habakkuk to write the vision down and make it plan so that anyone who is on the run will see it, read it, understand it and run with it. The problems is planning vision is the mode of communication, how plain is the vision to others who sees it?

One of the things to do why planning vision is to kill the disease of delay. Many people have received good visions from the Lord but lack capacity to plan and fulfill it; they have met people, some stole the ideal from them, and they keep wondering. This audio will be of great help to you. Vision properly planned will be properly fulfilled.

Dr Myles Munroe was one the balanced Pastors who never wanted all human potentials to waste. He has outlined some principles on how you can dissolve and plan that difficult purpose or vision into reality. This audio on how to plan vision Dr Myles Munroe  is good and powerful, click the download bottom to start in just one hit (20mb in size).

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