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Learn Effective Keys To A Successful Marriage

Keys To A Successful Marriage

Keys to a successful marriage has always been a constant quest of most people who are in a marriage, facing marriage challenge, in courtship, and those planning to get their relationship seriously. Being on this page to read this article is already a part of the plan for a successful marriage. This is because you are making out time to acquire knowledge that will safeguard your marriage and relationship.

Marriage is beyond what people say about it. It is a lifetime involvement which you get certified first before you enroll in its education. Marriage education is for life without graduation. Failures in marriage are not quitting but the negligence of duties and responsibilities. Therefore, fix it and continue your journey in marriage. 

Table of content 

  1. Introduction to marriage
  2. Audio sermons on marriage 
  3. Keys to a successful marriage 

Introduction to marriage 

things to know about marriage


The teaching on marriage cannot be overemphasized in this generation, although people do not want to learn from previous mistakes of broken homes. The very first key to destroying marriage is on a platform of defilement of the bed before marriage and lies among partners. Marriage must be honourable with bed undefiled. 

To understand marriage perfectly, you must equate it with your love for Jesus Christ. If you understand the marriage between Christ and His church, you practice it, then you will be able to build a successful home. 

This article gives you biblical keys and principles that will help you build a successful marriage home. These thoughts presented on this platform should also be subjected to further biblical study. Finally, every thought in this article is not to lead you astray but to equip you for the journey ahead of you. 


Audio sermons on marriage 

There are several teachings on marriage, sermons on marriage or messages on marriage that you can download and listen to learn more. Why do people marry? How do I find a good wife? These audio sermons on marriage treat these questions. These teachings were taught by Pastors with verifiable marriage life and are role models to society. There are also marriage experts you can meet or listen to on marriage matters too. 

  1. Download compiled audio teachings on marriage and books on marriage here
  2. Download Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye’s messages on marriage 
  3. Download Pastor Dr Paul Enenche’s messages on marriage 
  4. Download Apostle Johnson Suleman’s messages on marriage 
  5. Download Apostle Joshua Selman’s messages on marriage 
  6. Download Bro Gbile Akanni’s messages on marriage 


What are the Keys to a successful marriage? 

Due to differences in individual personalities, there is no actual formula or key to a successful marriage. But a marriage that is founded and established on the will of God will outlast the expectations of life. There is no exact key to success because God works in different ways and with different individual personalities. For there to be provable evidence, individuals need to come together to agree and see that things work out for themselves. 

Although, there are some biblical principles that you can apply to your marriage and you will have a successful end. Therefore, scriptures stand to be our authority in this regard. Also, it is good for you from people with good testimonies in marriage but does not always think that their strategy will work always. Also, learn from the bad testimonies. 

To build a lasting and successful marriage or home, you need to study the relationship between Christ and His church from the bible. Study the book of songs of Solomon and Ephesians to know the relationship between Christ and His church. Christ desires oneness with Her bride, so also the couples should seek oneness. This can only be achieved through the application of the love of Christ which eliminates human love but Christ’s love (John 15: 12)


Biblical keys to a successful marriage are: 

  1. Founding and building in Christ 
  2. Commitment 
  3. Forgiveness 
  4. Love, submission and respect
  5. Trust 
  6. Praying and studying together 
  7. Spending quality time with family 
  8. Friendship and companionship 
  9. Understanding of yourselves and communication.  
  10. Acceptance of each other responsibilities 


Foundation in Christ 

The foundation of any structure defines its durability and strength. You will be likened to a wise man who builds on Christ even your marriage. Jesus Christ is the solid rock which you can build your marriage first. How do you build on Christ? 

Firstly, when your marriage is established and supported by God, it is founded in Christ. When the rules of marriage are founded and practised on the principles of the Bible, it is founded in Christ. If Christ was not involved in your marriage, it is not on the right foundation. The bed must be undefiled, seek God, honours God and pursue God. God always move in the direction of His will.

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Commitment and forgiveness 

Commitment in marriage involves genuine devotion to all marriage responsibilities and vows. Each of you must be devoted to seeing that the marriage work at all cost. Two persons cannot stay together and not offend each other. It is divine that both tolerate the flaws of each other and build the capacity to forgive, and accommodate one another. Forgiveness is one of the virtues of Christian marriage. There must be a commitment to educating the children in the ways of the Lord without divided attention. This is the primary call of your ministry. Can two walk together, except they agree? When two agree on one thing according to God’s will, God is committed to establishing it. 


Love, submission and respect 

Love is the total of all you need in marriage. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love is patient, kind, not envious, not boastful, not delight in wrongdoing, not self-seeking, not easily provoked, always forgives, rejoices always, trusts, hopes, not keeps records of wrong and perseveres. This is a God kind of love. 

There is every possibility of your spouse faulting in any of these, but love you can accommodate and tolerate all things. When you love your spouse with the genuine love of Christ, peace is accompanied. This does not mean that there will not be days of hurt and wrongdoing, you need the grace to settle such moments amicably without anyone knowing. 

Now, the Bible commands that husbands should love their wives. While wives should respect and submit to their husbands. Husbands recognize love as respect and submission. When genuine love is in place, several faults and challenges will be escaped. 


Praying and studying together 

A family that prays and studies together stays together in love. One of the successful keys to a healthy marriage is a commitment of a family to study the word of God together and pray. Through this means, the children will be disciplined and mentored for Christ. The Bible says to teach a child the way he should go and he will not depart from it when he grows up. It is in this kind of meeting that children get to know the ways of the Lord. 


Spend quality time with family 


Keys To A Successful Marriage


One of the ambushes that made great men fall in life is the lack of quality time with their families. Also, the ambush of a strange woman too. When one gets married, 60 per cent of your time is given to your spouse and 30 per cent to your work while the remaining 10 per cent to others. 

When you start having children, you spend 50 per cents on your spouse, 30 per cent on your children and 10 per cent to work and others. Building your family in the pattern after Christ is the first ministry of life on earth. When a family misses raising a child well, it becomes a problem for society. 


spending vacation with your family

Training up of children is not the duty of the school teachers, although they have their place, it is primarily for the parent. Also, society trains your child but when children are impacted positively at home, there is will be less work to do by agents of family training. 

Parents should spend quality time with their children. It is through these times, that you impact them, know their abilities and mentor them on how to become useful to God and society. Anyone who cannot handle his home is not fit to become a leader anywhere because you have failed the primary task of life. 

Through spending quality time with each other, trust is built, a relationship is established, loves is grown, understanding of one another is grown and the rest. Do not always substitute your work time for the time, in which you are expected to be with your wife and children. If you do and they get the comfort of another, you will not matter again. You will become like Esau who sought his birthright with tears when he needed it the most. 

Building a lasting relationship, successful marriage and family requires time and sacrifices. It takes time to achieve oneness with your wife and intimacy with your children, be patient. You must commit to seeing that you contribute your quota to the successfulness of the marriage and relationship. Be satisfied with your wife and make your eyes single towards your spouse. 

If there is something you do not like about her, build it on her. Take it as a responsibility to bring forth that inner beauty you desire in your spouse. Everyone you see today was a product of the making of another person. There are no perfect people, people were on others to bring forth their beauty. 


parents and children playing

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