Mp3 Audio: Download Kingdom Advancement By Pastor Femi Lazarus

Free Audio Message: Download Kingdom Advancement By Pastor Femi Lazarus

Kingdom advancement starts when the purposes of God has been established. It comes in many ways. It also, involves all support shown to see that the purpose of God is established and pushed forward to the unreached. It also goes beyond the unreached to the reached.

Kingdom advancement could be in the form of evangelism, prayer, financial commitment, follow-up and discipleship and others.  There are many commitment that Christians do towards the growth of the kingdom of God, these sacrifices are helpful in the spread and establishment of the kingdom purposes in the heart of men.

The bible says that the church is matching forward and the gate of hell shall not prevail it. it is also the will of the father that His kingdom moves forward. From the days of John when the kingdom of God has been preached and men have been pressing into it.


Download Kingdom Advancement by Pastor Femi Lazarus mp3


Pressing into the kingdom deals with knowing the person of Christ and seeing that His will is implemented on earth. In advancing the kingdom of God, men need to press into it with all passion. Pastor Femi Lazarus explained many things in this regard.

Pastor Femi Lazarus message on advancing the kingdom was powerful and insightful. This audio is available below. You can click the download bottom below to download all the messages in this teaching series.

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download advancing the kingdom through prayer


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