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Download Kingdom Prosperity By Bishop David Oyedepo

Download audio sermon: Steps to Kingdom prosperity by Bishop David Oyedepo

Kingdom prosperity is a work not a game. Prosperity in the kingdom is a result of our work in the covenant of God not an issue of chance or luck (Bishop David Oyedepo quote). Prosperity is a covenant work with God and not a game of work. Prosperity begins with a walk with God; this is seen in the life of Abraham in Genesis 17. The multiplication of your wealth is dependent on your dedication of your walk with God.

To enjoy true and generational lasting kingdom prosperity, it starts with the deliberation of working with God. Covenant practice empowers by kingdom prosperity and it answers absolutely to covenant practices. It is not the labor of men that brings prosperity but the grace of God. The hand of God makes difference in all things; take a look at the scripture: except the Lord builds watch a city, the watchers watches in vain, by strength shall no man prevail.  And check Eccl 9:3, skill alone does not bring prosperity but grace Principles of kingdom prosperity. download laws of prosperity by Kenneth Copeland book pdf here


Audio teaching on Kingdom Prosperity By Bishop David Oyedepo mp3


There are many scriptures that gives more insight scriptures on kingdom prosperity: Deuteronomy 23:6, psalms 25:12-13, 36:11, 30:6, 35:27,73:3,118:25, 112:7, proverb 1:32, Ecclesiastics 7:14, Jeremiah 22:21, 33:9, Lamentation 3:17, Zachariah 1:17, 7:7, Joshua 1:1-8, 1Chronicle 22:11-13 and 3John 1:7. financial prosperity in the bible. The following are


Great prosperity comes as a result of great grace not by man’s effort. Apostle Paul declared that I’m what am I because of the grace of God. Great way to supernatural prosperity is through giving. Prosperity is a biblical concept which God supports. Bible quotations on prosperity principles are numerous, tithing and giving are a means to gain prosperity (Malachi 3:9-10). Tithe is a spiritual law to supernatural abundance; this is a covenant that God has established which many have derived by doing.

Biblical Principles of kingdom prosperity

The following are biblical principles of kingdom prosperity which reveal the secret of prosperity in the bible:

  • It starts with walking with God for it is God who gives you power to make wealth.
  • Kingdom prosperity is covenant based with God.
  • Kingdom prosperity comes by dedication to Service.
  • Kingdom prosperity is sorrow free.
  • Kingdom prosperity gives security (psalm 20:3).
  • Kingdom prosperity comes by meditating and practicing the word of God and loving God. (Joshua 1:8).

There are many sermons on prosperity; also many books on prosperity. You can download laws of prosperity by Kenneth Copeland pdf here.   Understanding kingdom wealth and prosperity is dependent also on the amount of the revelation you comprehend from God’s word.

There are many form of kingdom prosperity which includes: spiritual and material prosperity. Spiritual prosperity gives a dimension of spiritual growth while the other is on wealth. The importance of kingdom prosperity is on personal and for the work of the kingdom of God. You can click to download audio sermon titled steps to kingdom prosperity by Bishop David revealed many mysteries about kingdom wealth below:


Download here

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