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Favor is a special grace that God shows people so that they can  be fruitful and productive in life. Life is spiritual and the elements that control it are spiritual. In life there are certain things that do not occur ordinarily unless you apply the necessary principles and laws guiding them such as laws of advancement; favor is one of them. There are many people who are living today but they have not experience favor from men or God as expected. It is through the mercy of God that this kind of grace is release to you.

Apostle Joshua Selman

There are two types or dimensions of favor.  Favor from God and that from men. This was seen in the testimony about Jesus. There are certain things Apostle Joshua Selman has exposed in this audio that triggers favor from both men and God. So, these principles are worth sharing to anyone because they are seen and lived from the circumference of the scriptures.

God is works by divine principles and protocols, learn the ways of God if covenant so that you can start this on a fresh page. The first step to having favored with God is that you will be born of Christ, then your humility or loyal to God has a long way to go.  Having the mercy of God upon your life triggers the favor of God, psalms says and I will arise and have mercy on Zion for the time to favor her, the set time has come


What are the laws or principles of gaining favor?

There is some quality relationship that could have earned you much merit from people to bless you but because you lack some dimensions of knowledge, you could not maximize them. One way you should have to be favored by men is that you need to be a solution provider who had the grace of God upon you.

There are certain do you in life, despite it’s value people still hate you. But when God’s hand is involved, the story changes. You cannot expect to have favor with men when you cannot solve any issue of life. There are things that work for people to respect and began to unleash their resources towards you.

Are you seeking for favor, pray, know God, study scriptures, live a life of being solution to others, and let the quality of your life impact by Apostle Suleman count.  There are many things to do, there are several laws both spiritual and physical ones that you need to put in place for you to get your results.

The Laws of favor are numerous but you can download the audio to know the key ones that can be of help in life. Click on the bottom below.

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