Leadership Essentials: Learn Top Biblical Principles Of Leadership

Biblical Principles Of Leadership


What is the meaning of leadership? has been the genesis of the quest to becoming a true and good leader. Leadership is an effective tool of influencing a set of people to conform to a vision, leading people to achieve a common goal. Leadership definition by Dr Myles Munroe is defined as the “capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by passion, generated by a vision which is produced by conviction, ignited by a purpose.

True leadership is service oriented; therefore, there is a need to re-establish some vital concepts of leadership in our contemporary world today.

Leadership quote:

The shortest distance to leadership is service”

The concept of biblical and secular leadership has received many definitions and worldviews in this current dispensation. This is seen in one managerial capacity or experience and body of knowledge to another. What is the meaning of true leadership? Who is a leader? What are the lifestyles of a leader? What re the skill and potential of leadership?

Many people are searching various lessons or topics about this subject; also many are searching for leadership quotes and pdfs in order to find out some inspiring leadership quotes to anchor upon.  It has been found out that everyone is a born or made leader preparedness to serve is not negotiable. Also, some are searching in order build and improve on individual knowledge.

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Concepts of leadership – servant leadership

Biblical model of servant leadership is the desire of what all organization are modeling after. It has been found that any form of leadership style (such as visionary, commanding etc) requires a pattern; only from biblical point of view can it be learnt. Leadership is character based and the bible provides a good foundation for possessing knowledge for good leadership.

What is servant leadership? Servant leadership according to Jesus model is the art of leader to humble his or herself to serve the lead, denying him of the lordship or pride over them. In general, it servant leadership reveals the concept that a leader must remain a servant of those he is leading.

Leadership is revealed by service, so it involves the humility of influencing  a group or organization to work or achieve a set goal enthusiastically toward a common good with the character that inspires confidence. The model of servant leadership was evidently seen in the Jesus’s discipleship in the bible (John 13: 1-5, 4-15).

One quality or character of a servant leader is humility and readiness to serve others. In servant leadership, you are required to set an example through love, possessing the knowledge of God’s word and having a good relationship with God.

Leadership Essentials: Learn Top Biblical Principles Of Leadership

Leadership quotes by Myles Munroe:

“The labor of non-visionary leader wearies all but a leader with vision is in control of the direction and places responsibility by understanding the lead”.

“The essence of leadership cannot be taught but must be discovered”.

“Vision is the source of discipline and mother of leadership”.

What are the qualities and characteristics of leadership?

There is a leadership lifestyle or character that leaders must possess. These leadership qualities and characters are to be discovered and grown over time. According to Dr Myles Munroe leadership book/ pdf titled the spirit of leadership, the following 15 leadership qualities and characters are listed:

  1. Vision
  2. Wisdom
  3. Decision making
  4. Humility
  5. Responsibility
  6. Integrity and accountability
  7. Friendship and relationship
  8. Inspirational and motivation power
  9. Positive attitude and courage
  10. Initiative and creativity
  11. Self-discipline
  12. Flexibility and residence
  13. Faithfulness
  14. Spiritual maturity
  15. Spirit of teamwork

Leadership quotes by Myles Munroe

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“Our disposition toward ourselves and the world comes from self-estimation”.

“You cannot give relevance to your world if you do not already possess it”.

“Out of your intensive value or content lies the level of impact you can express on others, grow you value”

Biblical Principles Of Leadership


Leadership potentials and skill

Developing leadership potential is one of the personal responsibilities of a leader. All human beings possess the leadership potentials and those who discover it through the spirit of leadership will become effective leaders. There are many leadership institutes, seminars, leadership conferences and trainings.

These platforms could be in church or organization settings, the aim is to improve one leadership lifestyle or another. They also, gear toward developing a true leader.  What is leadership potentials? Leadership potentials are those hidden talents and skills a leader possess or acquire in order to progress or advance his experience.

Some of leadership potentials or traits are acquired through reading leadership books such as the following: the Spirit of leadership by Myles Munroe and the principle of Effective Teamwork by John C Maxwell.

Leadership quotes:

“Trapped within every dedicated follower is a hidden dedicated leader”.

“Leadership is becoming your true self for the benefits of others”.

Principles of leadership

The following are the principles of leadership:

  1. Leadership is ordained by God and a mandate to mankind
  2. Leadership is a prepared privilege position to mankind to exercise Godly influence.
  3. Leadership is demand price and unveils divine deposits.
  4. Leadership is meant to improve you for the betterment of the others.
  5. Leadership reveals your true self and worth.

Leadership quote:

“The secret of greatness and level of success is found and tied to your serving others in integrity and love”


Leadership essentials and management

leadership essentials and management

Leadership has a lot to do with influence. It entails hard work to see that the lead buys the organization’s vision and pursue it. Leadership essential help a leader resolves tactical, strategic and stabilizing problems.  Setting directions, strategies, resolve issues, oversee activity and provide supports are elements of leadership management.

The success of a management team is dependent on the leadership management. So, leaders take the responsibility of breakthrough or failures. It takes a transformational and visionary leader to advance the course of management forward beyond the cause of individual perceptions amongst the lead.  A transformational leader inspires motivation, influences ideals, simulate intellectual and considers individual views.

The five leadership essentials of a leader can undertake to advance the course of management include:

Communications:  communication is a strategic approach or means to influential lead by sharing the vision in a comprehensive manner.

Mission or vision:  A management without a comprehensive vision dies or fails. The bible encourages that the visions should be made plain such that anyone who is running (lead)with it, when  read transfers the same level of urgency and understanding.  Mission helps you achieve vision and should be simple and review seasonally.

Structure: Designing and managing a structure for effective flow of data and responsibility is highly of necessity.

Processes: A well-defined and designed structure helps management processes.

Culture: The implementation of vision of management should be taken as a lifestyle. A vision not owned cannot be achieved. The management team will move ahead of their contemporaries when they undertake the organization vision on personal and corporate level.

Principles of effective teamwork

Effective teamwork is putting together of individual efforts, skills and potentials to achieve a desired goal. Teamwork spirit plays a vital role in leadership.  The following include the effective biblical principles of teamwork:

  1. Teamwork helps to achieve common goals and aims.
  2. Teamwork brings unity, love, understanding and concerns for teammates
  3. The spirit of teamwork encourages mutual respect and openness amongst others (transparency).
  4. It helps to identifying and harnessing the strength of teammates
  5. The spirit of teamwork enhances member commitment
  6. Teamwork helps individual to accept faults and encourages forgiveness.
  7. Teamwork bring selflessness and humility
  8. Teamwork spirit enhances division of labor

Leadership pitfall: Pitfalls are those things that make leadership vulnerable. The following are leadership pitfall: Anger, gossip, pride, lies, dishonest practices, superiority, backbiting, arrogance, lordship over others and negligence of duty.

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