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This article tries to answer some question around the following quest or topics:

  1. disciple
  2. Discipleship
  3. Call to discipleship
  4. Principles of discipleship
  5. Cost of discipleship
  6. Goal of discipleship
  7. Importance of discipleship

What is discipleship?

Discipleship according to NIFES Training manual is the consistent and growing relationship between a teacher (Discipler) and a student (Disciple).  Discipleship is the art of making disciples or fellows who will conform to the image of the maker Christ Jesus. One time in the bible, Jesus command His followers in Matthew 28 saying “Go ye into all the world (systems) and make disciples of all nations”. What is biblical discipleship?  This is discipleship done according to the doctrines and standards of the bible.

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In discipleship, who make the call? According to Mark 1:17, Jesus is the caller. Who is disciple and the what are the qualities of a disciple? According to Gospel of John 8:31; a disciple is one who abides in the word of God.  How does one become a disciple? According to Matthew 11: 28, you become a disciple by coming to Jesus through believing in Him, taking His yoke and learning from Him. You can learn through His words or by Bible study.

What is Call to discipleship

The making or call to discipleship is a mandate from our Lord Jesus Christ to all believers. The call to discipleship is not just a pulpit work only but a work to be done by all who are light of the world in to the systems of the world. Download living above the systems of the world by Apostle Michael Orokpo. The essence of Christianity is in the effective hallmark of discipleship.

Every believer or Christian is called to discipleship just as all are called to Christianity. Christianity is a living out of Christ life in a perverse generation which grows from inside out of a person.  The call to discipleship has the following points:

  1. The call to discipleship is a call to be with Christ (Mark 13:14)
  2. The call to discipleship is a call to follow Christ
  3. The call to discipleship is a call to witness for Christ
  4. The call to discipleship is a call to fellowship with other disciples.

what are the Principles of discipleship

There are principles guiding the practice of Discipleship.

  1. Discipleship is word of God and prayer based.
  2. it must picture and form Christ in a person at the end
  3. it has a relationship based factor
  4. It is heavily the work of the Holy Spirit to give guidance and empowerment for transformation.
  5. Discipleship is a continuous practice.
  6. Effective Discipleship is geared towards bearing or producing spiritual Fruits (Fruit of the Holy Spirit).
  7. Discipleship involves sharing in the fellowship of Christ suffering

What are the Cost of discipleship

Discipleship comes with a cost. There is a price for every spiritual blessing though it has been given freely to us through Christ, it only require a responsibility which is sacrifice of you cost. The Bible makes it clear in the book of Luke 14:26-17. The following includes the cost of discipleship:

  1. Denying of yourself (pleasures)
  2. Carrying the cross of Jesus daily (focusing on Christ daily because He is the one that gives us life definition).
  3. Following Christ daily.

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Goals of discipleship

The goal of discipleship is to form Christ in a believer. Apostle will say something… my dear Children until Christ is formed in you… the major instrument used in discipleship are the WORD OF GOD and PRAYERS.  The apostle’s doctrine was on the ministry of the word of God, prayer and evangelism.  Discipleship also involves relationship, Word and ministry.

Relationship: the first step in discipleship is building relation with God through His word. This relationship is featured in love, commitment, submission, dedicated service to God and to men, accountability and integrity.

Word:  True discipleship lessons are derived from the bible. Discipleship done outside the word of God is false but personal motive oriented. The word of God is the core template for teaching and the making of a disciple.  The word of God contains the life, ways and the mind of God which is enough to build a man unto maturity.

Ministry: this is in fulfillment of the mandate of service and evangelism.  You can download dedication, a platform for preservation by Apostle Johnson Suleman here. a disciple who has a good relationship with God, trained up in the ways of God through His word will fulfill the ministry of effective witness to others through evangelism.

What are the Importance of discipleship cell group

There are many sermons on importance of discipleship. Many Christian has lost faith in Christ because of wrong foundation in discipleship; this is the reason expository teaching on discipleship need to be emphasized the more. The importance of disciple through cell groups include the following

  1. It helps in spiritual formation: A believer conforms more to the image of God.
  2. Discipleship helps in ministry growth and maturity
  3. It helps in attitude and lifestyle transformation.
  4. It helps you define your purpose and direction in life
  5. It helps you know your inheritance and your identity in Christ

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