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Updated List of Top Richest Pastor in the World and Net worth

Who are the  Top richest pastor in the world and their Net worth

Prosperity of Christians and Pastors in the world has become an issues for most people. The lord that made prosperity a reality did not make mistakes and is now wrong if people who labor in the vine yard of the lord becomes the top richest people in the world?  Material wealth and spiritual wealth belongs to God, so why the question – should pastors have money and businesses? Thanks to God that some erroneous concepts about wealth is being debugged from the mind of Christians today.

Today, Christians are being taught the principles of wealth making and Kingdom dominion which was not in the olden times. God works differently in every generation. Apostle Johnson Suleman once said that:


God does things not because of the past but what He wants in the future. He is concern about the future not the past; this is the reason the concept of wealth has come upon the Christian fold. Bible studies has revealed that the system of the anti-christ will come in the form of wealth combat between believers and unbelievers, so get ready, serve God, love God and stay strong.

It is true that the wealth of man is not just based on the physical asset but also on the positive impact made in the lives of people? Yes. The Bible made us to know that the cost of one soul is bigger that any precious gem ever sold in the market. So please let us get to work of getting souls to the kingdom of GOD than material wealth. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing will be added to you.

Top richest pastor in the world

This article states the profiles or list of men who has devoted their life and career to seek the kingdom and his righteousness. That is why God has added other things which includes wealth.  Therefore this article is present the richest Pastors in the World. The sources of their income are not majorly disclosed here and we speak not as authority on these data because it was sourced from different platforms.

God blesses men and His servants are not excluded. Today the most asked questions about Pastors are:

Who is the richest pastor in the world 2020 and 2021? What is the name of the richest pastor in the world? Which church is the richest church in the world 2020? Who are the top 20 richest pastor in the world? What is the name of the richest Church in the world?

Cheers, these article will address some the questions here. So, read down carefully and continue to share with friends.

Who are the top 20 richest pastors in the world from 2020- 2021?

In the list of top richest pastor in the world, some of them are television preachers, some are general overseers of churches, some are influential globally and some have lucrative businesses worldwide. So, seat tight and read. Some of the pastors are richly graced with the gift of the Holy Spirit such as healing and have been solution point to some people that encountered them.



PASTOR E.A ADEBOYE – $130 Million

BENNY HINN – $70 Million

Chris Oyakhilome – $52.o Million

JOEL OSTEEN – $41.2 Million

CREFLO DOLLAR – $28.2 Million (USA)

RICK WARREN – $26 million

Pastor David Yonggi Cho – $22 million

BISHOP TD JAKES – $19 Million


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