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Audio Message: Download Living a victorious life by Pastor Femi Lazarus


Living a victorious life is a live that is full of joy with psalms for the marvelous things which Christ has done with His right hand. Living a victorious life in only found in Christ and the finished work of Christ. Your knowledge of your identity in Christ gives you an edge to be walk in the reality of that which Christ has provided.

In Jesus victory over death, the bible records in Isaiah 25:8 that He swallowed up death in victory. Also, the rebuke of His people, God shall take away. So, victory comes through Jesus Christ. There are possibilities of life challenges but in all, victory is assured.


Audio mp3: download living a victorious life by Pastor Femi Lazarus


This is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith.  Our faith in Jesus Christ is a tool to remain victorious in this life. The supply of grace is another spiritual factor that enables us live a victorious life. In this audio teaching, Pastor Femi Lazarus explained in details what it means to continually living in victory.

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