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Living with purpose meaning by Bro Gbile Akanni mp3 messages download (part 1-3)


Living with a purpose by Bro Gbile Akanni (part 1-3) is a conference teaching and this is majorly concerned with the youths. Many people are living on earth carrying out the wrong purpose in life.  Purpose is the essence of your creation. It is that which you are created to do or accomplish in life. Purpose is given by God and it is hidden in man for him to discover it.

What does it mean to live with a purpose? To live with a purpose means to carry out the will and ambition of Him who sent you to this Earth. Living with a purpose means to represent another whom you represent on a matter.  When you are an ambassador of another and carrying out the instructions given which are also beneficial to you, then you are living a life of purpose. In our case, we live out the purpose of Christ.

Why is living with purpose important? Living with a purpose in view helps you to know your direction in life and the very reason you are called to do. Everyone on planet earth is on a special assignment and it takes you dependence and obedience to know this assignment of life.

Living with a purpose in view helps guides your life and choice career even up the level of affecting extent of your education. The kind of purpose you have will help you know how to choose your friends and association you keep.  The kind of lifestyle you live has much to do with your purpose.

Living with a purpose

JGIYC 2021: Download Living with a purpose by Bro Gbile Akanni

Why does living with a purpose important? It is important because without purpose, life itself is meaningless. All men are living for something, meaning there is no vacuum in the space of life.

When you are not guided or disciple properly unto fulfilling your purpose, it will become a regret and mistake of life. Many are asking question how to discover purpose? You cannot discover purpose when you are not living with a purpose in view. The first purpose of life is knowing Jesus and decision to follow Him in love, deed, and character.

Purpose discovery is a journey and the lifestyle of the kingdom is necessary.  Bro Gbile Akanni is a great teacher in this area of purpose discovery. He is much interest in you and also passionate to seeing that the youth does not miss it in the place of purpose and marriage.

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Part three

Part two


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