Logizomai: Inner Knowledge Of Reckoning

Download Logizomai: Inner Knowledge Of Reckoning -Apostle Arome Osayi

Download Audio: LOGIZOMAI (Inner Knowledge Of Reckoning)  APOSTLE AROME OSAYI

Logizomai: Inner Knowledge Of Reckoning is a second part of the message of Apostle Arome during the 30 days of fasting and praying of RCN as ministry. The first message, you can download here (the substance of Faith).

why did he bring the topic back? Apostle Arome brought it back to explain certain concepts why Abraham as a father of Faith agreed to offer his only son when God commanded him. The secrets is behind the word Logizomai.

Logizomai : Inner Knowledge Of Reckoning By Apostle Arome mp3

Logizomai is Greek word that lays means to give account, anchor, substance or Inner Knowledge Of Reckoning. How does this connect to faith? Faith is a substance as the bible says, for you to be a faith partaker, you must have a conviction of an anchor that moves you.

Faith Abraham’s own Logizomai is that he believed that God will raise his son from the death, because he was the heir to the promise of God.  Many of us, are walking with God but there is nothing you can give account to that moves your passion in making sacrifice for God. You really need to listen to this message. click to download this audio sermon below


Inner Knowledge Of Reckoning (25mb)

Download here


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