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2022 Sunday message: Making The Most Of A New Season By Pastor Paul Enenche download


Making the most of a new season by Pastor Paul Enenche is the first message of in 2022 at glory dome. There are seasons appointed to every activity under heaven. Also opportunities comes in seasons which propelled by God toward us but it is our responsibility to recognize and seize them for our benefits.

The bible says redeeming the time for the days are evil. Making the most of a new season in life is taking the advantages that God brought your way for your benefits. We must make most of the seasons in our life because they define a lot of heavenly blessings for us.

It is advisable that Christian know how to capture the moments that God brings their way. Pastor Paul Enenche used this to admonish is church and also the body of Christ on the things to do in this season of revival that God has brought our way.


Download Audio: Making the most of a New Season By Pastor Paul Enenche


Making the most of a new season is by taking responsibility for yourself. Pastor Paul Enenche listed many responsibilities that we must own in order to make most of the season opportunities. Also, one the gifts of the Holy Spirit you must have to recognize the opportunities of the season is discernment.

The audio message: making the most of a new season by Pastor Paul Enenche is right available for free here. Click below to start downloading the audio message.


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