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Marriage and Relationship Seminar: Teachings On How To Last In Marriage Happily

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Marriage is an institution designed and formed by God for human which started in the Garden of Eden. Marriage is a means to achieving God’s eternal purposes on Earth. He made it to be lifelong union between a man and a woman. This is to enable them jointly pursue their divine mandate or command as long as they exist on earth till death parts them. This article provides an opportunity for both married and unmarried to know, enhance and   strengthen the knowledge of God’s purpose for instituting marriage.

Marriage and relationship seminar by Bro Gbile Aka

It is important to know that marriage is the only approved (God’s ordained) way to raising families or children between a man and woman. Every family starts when a man and woman are legitimately or legally joined   together as husband and wife (Couples).

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The young people are meant to understand and acquainted with the processes involved in marriage as prescribed described bible. These principles and guidelines must be strictly followed. This is to help them fulfill the purposes for which god ordained it. This will also bring a lasting peace in the union.

What are the purposes of marriage?

The purpose of marriage is quiet clear. Many people that enter marriage enter because of wrong purpose. From Gen 1:28 and Gen 2:18 the main purpose of marriage is to provide a helpmate. The purpose marriage is not cure the sickness of loneliness but to get a help mate who will support the man fulfill the assignment of God. The great lesson to realize before you marry is that, you must come the point in your life when God and your being knows that you need a helpmate. In Adam’s case it was God that noticed it because all the animals did not provide a suitable companion for him.    Learn the effective ways of rebuilding trust in marriage

The following are high points of the purposes of marriage as seen in the bible:

To Bear God’s image And Shine His Light: marriage is a holy matrimony and married couples are must remain holy unto God. Their bed must remain undefiled and trust must be built to remain chaste. God is holy and it’s institution must remain holy. Christian marriage must represent the image of God which is holy and done according the commands of the creator.

To Be His Ambassadors: couples are representatives of God in the institution of marriage. They are there to show and teach unbelievers the way their creator made it to be. Couples being God’s ambassadors give the responsibilities of letting all that God will for marriage to be fully implemented on Earth. This is the example we must show to others. (2 Corinthians 5: 20)

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Servants In His Vineyard: Standing as an ambassadors of God, shows that they are servants of God. They ensure that the will of God the father is seen throughout the lands. No couple is to be idle in God’s Kingdom for there is a specific and different assignment for everyone in marriage. (Deut. 32:20)

To Raise Godly Offspring: raising children is one the commands in marriage. God said, be fruitful and fill the Earth. So this tells that marriage must be blessed with children. The bible says that children are the blessing of marriage. So, it is the responsibility of couples to raise Godly children in to the church and society. Couple can achieve this through their biological children, spiritual adoption of children, and discipleship of all the children that passes through their home.

Administration of Planet Earth: Family is the basic unit of government in any nation. Humans beings are mandated to keep and guide the Earth. Couples are government of the earth through their families. So in marriage the administrations of heaven are fulfilled on earth through their relevant obedience to the commands of God. (Genesis  9: 1 –3).

What are the Steps in Finding and Choosing a Life Partner or wife?

God has apportioned every man the responsibility to find a wife for himself. The scriptures says: he who finds a wife, finds a good thing. Now true love who can fine? True love is real, click to learn how to find true love for in life. There is not specific woman God created man and say, you must marry her. The bible supports that you love the one you marry.

Marriage and relationship seminar

In marriage the law of compatibility holds, you cannot marry who you cannot fit into or compatible with.  It is not every man that can marry every woman. Each woman is particularly made to fit the man whom she will fulfill the purposes of God for their lives. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know that anyone who wants to marry must seek guideline of God in order to get the right partner. The following are the necessary steps to guide you in making a choice partner:

Born again and be reconciled with God:  God said that, it is not good for man to be alone and He made a compatible helpmate for him, meaning that when you are born again or have a good relationship with God, He can give you a suitable helpmate as He did for Adam. The first step to receiving God’s help in marriage is to be born again or reconcile with Him if you lost His touch.

Know and understand God’s purpose and calling: Man is born with purpose and to purpose. You must seek to understand God’s purpose for your life. This will give you assurance of His will concerning your destiny. Many have entered marriage in the wrong time and it interrupted their calling and life purpose. Seek and you will find. (Acts 9: 6, 15 – 16; Jeremiah. 1: 5 – 10)

Maturity: Marriage is not for children to enter. There are many young men and ladies who entered marriage institution and became confused. When you marry at immature age, surely, that marriage will have problem because marriage has more to understanding than love. Some have entered marriage at young age and left what their own purpose and ambition at the mercy of marriage, so a time comes when they have found out their mistakes, it was not time to make right again. You must be of mature age in emotions, understanding, caring, finances and many more. Marriage has many responsibilities in it such as child bearing and training; you cannot just enter it without tangible career life. (Genesis. 2: 24 and Luke. 2: 52).

Prayers: if you want to marry and you have not prayed for it and about it, then you are not ready neither have you started your journey. The bible says you should commit your plans or ways to God and He will establish it. Prayer is a way of committing it to God and also seeking His counsel in the matter. The importance of prayer in marriage cannot be over emphasized.

It is through prayers that you will began to get the guidance of the Holy Spirit on your desires in marriage. You need to be aligned or alert because, God will say something concerning your request..

Where should I Choose A Life Partner or wife

This is a good question that demands sensitive answer. Many parents have not agreed young people to marry because of tribal issues. There are some that insist that you must marry from your tribe especially the first born (both male and female). Though this was seen in the bible when Abraham wanted a wife for his son, he told his servant to marry for his son someone from his family lineage. Also, it happened to Jacob as Isaac instructed too.

There are people that obey their customs and traditions. Though those thing do not matter if God is with you. A Christian has a different view from worldly pattern of things. We have our own worldview which is from the bible. Also, selecting where to marry is important because you should not see a Christian marrying from a family that worships idols.

So, it is advisable you marry from the people of the same faith.  In marriage, faith is a very important factor, some  Christian have married outside their faith background and lost their faith and salvation in Christ. But in all things, move by God’s leading. This is why seeking God’s purpose is an important factor on the things to do.

marriage and relationship seminar: How to make proposal in marriage?

As generation goes by, people redefine things in order to suit their cravings. There is an acceptable mode or method for proposal. Knowledge has increased that people are now confused in the acceptable norms and standard which Christianity put in place. The proposal is to indicate intension of his choice and must be simple. This may not require a ring for engagement. It is after this that, dating and relationship can commence.

 Marriage and relationship seminar

Christian sisters are not to make a marriage proposal to any brother under any circumstance. Any sister preparing for marriage is to prayerfully and patiently wait on the Lord till the brother that is interested in her arrives. When a sister received a proposal, she should go and seek God’s face in order to receive answers from God.



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