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Marvelous Light

Download Marvelous Light by Apostle Joshua Selman Messages at Koinonia Abuja and Zaria

Marvelous Light

Marvelous Light is a destination where the children of God has been delivered into by Christ. This happened when Christ raised from the death. There it is reality for everyone who has accepted Christ.

The Bible says that we are delivered out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light (dear Son).

Good dwells in an unapproachable light and His children as the light of the world. The Bible says remember who you were when you will on darkness. According to Ephesians chapter four, the Bible called us darkness because we are not in light.

But now that we are in Christ, our identity has changed to light and we shall glory in the marvelous light of the Lord, for there is our destination in Christ Jesus.

Download Marvelous Light by Apostle Joshua Selman

Marvelous Light is the theme for Koinonia ministry this year 2022. Apostle Joshua Selman has given the full details of what God is about doing to the body of Christ. He exposed the theme at koinonia Zaria and later last Sunday, at Abuja Koinonia ministry.

His marvelous Light is great and it is a realm of illumination. There are many things to discuss about this topic, when you do download the audio, you will know best.

You can now click to download audio message of Apostle Joshua Selman at Abuja Koinonia and Zaria koinonia with theme marvelous Light.

Message at koinonia Abuja


Download message at Zaria


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