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Mp3 Audio: Download the Witnesses By Apostle Joshua Selman

Witnesses by Apostle Joshua Selman Mp3

Witnesses by Apostle Joshua Selman is an audio sermon that revealed many secrets of a believer’s life in influencing his nation or sphere with his faith. A Witness is an ambassador or a representative that has the message of the sender to others. A witness is a testifier of the sum purposes of a higher authority. A witness has no message to pass except that which the sender has sent out.

Apostle Joshua Selman in Abuja Koinonia explain the concept of a witnesses as regards to the kingdom of God. Apostle Selman stated that every Christian is a witness and therefore represent the sum total of the purposes of God. Witnesses of Christ are made, they pass through the test and dealings of God so that they can represent the kingdom which sends them accurately.

The making of witnesses by Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak

The witnesses of God are made. Sometimes the making of witnesses are in the place of suffering; this is to build the system and virtue of patience, trust, and endurance on God. Apostle Selman advised that we should not corrupt the evidence that God is  building us for because every witnesses has a testimony and his testimony is his evidence that he has passed the dealings of God.

God sees the backend of life from the beginning. True witnesses of God are sent out after being with the master. The bible stated that after the disciples were with Jesus that people took note the unlearned men who were God are standing exceptional in all things.  Therefore the making of witnesses is to be with God in the place of prayers and studying of the Word of God. Also, in obedience to God’s instructions and living a consecrated live.

The sending of a witnesses by Apostle Joshua Selman

The witnesses of God are sent out to the world to represent Christ and influence them with His live. There are seven spheres of live that has been captured in audio sermon of Apostle Joshua Selman on the witnesses.

These spheres are called the mountains of influence. These are the pillars that hold the existence of world activities. The mountains of influence as mentioned by Apostle Selman are:

  1. The mountain of Religion
  2. The mountain of Education
  3. The mountain of arts and entertainment
  4. The mountain of media
  5. The mountain of Finance
  6. The mountain of politics and Governance
  7. The mountain of industry

These mountains are the top influential area where authority is commanded. So God sends Christians to take possession of these mountains. There are a lot to learn. You can now click to download the witnesses part 1 and 2 by Apostle Joshua Selman at Abuja Koinonia Sunday service

Download Part one

Download Part two

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