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Xmas Service [Mp3 Download] The Revelation Of Christmas By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Xmas service 2020: download the revelation of Christmas by Apostle Johnson Suleman

‎The revelation of Christmas by Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman is a very worth knowing. The secrets of God are locked up in the realties that God has released to us. The plan of God toward any will of His has His secret. These secrets had to be revealed. What do we celebrate Christmas? What is the secrets behind choosing 25th of December as a day to celebrate Jesus’ birthday? There are many things you need to know from the scriptures about this event.

In this this generation, who does not know Apostle Johnson Suleman? He is the senior pastor of Omega Fire ministry international with his lovely wife named: Rev Dr Lizzy Suleman. Hos father in the Lord is Pastor E A AdebayoPastor E A Adebayo

The senior pastor of redeem Christian Church of God. One the largest churches in the globe. Apostle Johnson Suleman is a has powerful healing gift and word of knowledge. His prophetic dimensions is accurate. He is a lover of God who knows not but bible and prayers. He is never ashamed of the Gospel of chriCh, for it is power unto salvation to yhem that believe.

Christmas revelation by Apostle Johnson Suleman mp3


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These above links will give you more clue on the subjectof Christmas too. Apostle Johnson Suleman has revealed many things about Christmas. It’s historical background and all the rest. He also stated our disposition toward chrostChr as Christians. It is worthy of note that the revelation behind Christmas is anchored on Christ alone. This is because He was given birth to in order to save mankind. Apostle taught on many things, click on the link directly below to download now

Click to download:THE REVELATION OF CHRISTMAS By Apostle Suleman CHRISTMAS 64kbps.mp3


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