The Wonders Of His Supremacy

Pastor E.A Adebayo Sermon: The Wonders Of His Supremacy

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Pastor E.A Adebayo Sermon: The Wonders Of His Supremacy is an opening teaching on the sovereign authority of God over His creation. Do you know that you are created to exercise this sovereign power over creation too as God gave dominion to man during creation in Genesis? also download his sermon on the wonders of God’s standards

God is supreme over creation. All authority for provision is in HIS Hands, he gives as it pleases Hm. The situation you fill, He has not seen, He has, only that He is waiting for the right time. God surprises people with great testimonies that mouth can not explain.

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Pastor E A Adebayo on Sunday service shared on the topic: Wonders of God’s SUPREMACY. What He says, He will do and it shall come to pass. Situational reports do not have the last say but GOD has the final sayings. This is as a continuation of the wonders series messages by Pastor E A Adebayo. You can click on the links below to start downloading please. Learn how to reverse the things of the Enemy here, download now

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