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The Power of Decisions by Apostle Joshua Selman is a Koinonia sermon that addresses the issues people have in making decisions. The message on the power of decisions by Apostle Selman was a matter of daily living. Decisions affects lives, wrong decisions in life have great implications. Decision making in life and circumstances has procedures to follow because a decision can build you or destroy you.

Apostle Selman took the memory verse from Deuteronomy 30:19.  Decisions do not affect one person alone but everyone connected to. This is Apostle Selman quote: Decision decides destiny. God gave man the power to decide over matters even the matters that affect your eternal destinies.

The following are Apostle Selman saying in this sermon: The Power of Decision by Apostle Joshua Selman: “You do not choose consequences of our choices; we only choose choices. Consequences are resultant effect of choices we choose’’.


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Decisions are powerful tool to life destiny. There are people who decided to follow God because they make the choice to make impact to live. It is difficult to help people who have not decided on anything in life. Your destiny is not dependent on your sociological context or circumstance of life but on your decisions.

The decisions to make in life by Apostle Joshua Selman.

  1. The decision to follow God
  2. The decision to be transformed
  3. The decision to be exceptionally valuable
  4. The decision to have very strategic relationship

In making decisions, make sure your decisions are in consistent of the scriptures. The Power of Decisions that comes from scriptures is evident and affects others positively.  There are many things to say. Please to listen to this sermon the Power of Decision by Apostle Joshua Selman, click on the link below.

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