Download Prioritizing The Kingdom By Apostle Michael Orokpo (1 & 2)

Audio Mp3: Download Prioritizing The Kingdom By Apostle Michael Orokpo (part one and two)

Prioritizing the kingdom

Prioritizing the kingdom or kingdom priority was given by Jesus to all believers in Matthew 6:33. Seek, you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other things shall be added to you. The kingdom of God is first when it comes to priority.

There are many people who are not after the kingdom of God, neither passionate in accomplishing the purposes of the kingdom of God. They are busy pursuing mammon which can ensnare their soul.

It is appalling that many believed in Christ because of the wealth and prosperity. God gives wealth and prosperity but this not what He is after. God is after the souls of men, He wants all to come under His Lordship.


Prioritizing The Kingdom By Apostle Michael Orokpo

God is desirous that His kingdom extends to all parts of the world. Also, every Christian ought to have this mind-set and deploy all necessary support to the expansion of the kingdom of God. In your walk with God, the kingdom of God should be the first.

Whatever you do, it should be on the platform to extend the kingdom of God. The glory must return to God. This message by Apostle Michael Orokpo revealed many things and you can download the audio message by clicking on the download link below.


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